Abakaliki is the Most Liveable City in Nigeria

Abakaliki, Ebonyi State’s alluring capital city, is arguably Nigeria’s best kept secret. It is hands down the most peaceful, fastest developing, and the most liveable city in Nigeria. Refreshing in its simplicity, outstanding in its infrastructure, and matchless in its general cleanliness, tranquillity and orderliness. Whether you’re looking to vacation for a few days or settle down to raise a family, I can’t think of a better place in Nigeria to do this than Abakaliki.

For the young, young at heart, and fun loving, places of interest in Abakaliki are many, including the numerous enjoyment hot spots within the Stadium/Amusement Park Complex, hotels such as San Diego Hotel (with a very ‘bubbling’ swimming poolside bar) and Osborne Royal Resort. There is also the majestic and very beautiful clubhouse/lounge within the Vista Sparkling Hotel, and the cozy and perpetually lively boutique lounge known as Orange Lounge & Bar (opposite Denco Hotel, on Nsugbe Street). These two lounges are always bubbling – afternoon and night – with assurances of no dull moment.

A Sectional View of Vista Sparkling Hotel’s Beautiful Lounge.

For those who prefer a different kind of recreation, alternative places of interest include shopping arenas such as the massive Panda Supermarket (Panda Shopping Centre), His Grace Shopping Centre & Supermarket, as well as fancy restaurants such as Vegas Restaurant and so much more.

Green Heaven: The Refreshingly Lush Abakaliki Golf Club, with a 9-Hole Golf Course.

There is also the lush green and beautiful Abakaliki Golf Club, right behind the recently renovated Abakaliki Township Stadium. Unwinding in the golf club in the evenings is not a bad idea if golf is your idea of recreation – not to mention the opportunities for social climbing and ‘coincidental’ encounters with the Ebonyi State Who is Who, including the State Governor himself who is a regular golfer here.

Serenity in Abakaliki

There is a sense of sanity that prevails in Abakaliki that is difficult to explain, and that is certainly not common in Nigeria. And you know what? The best thing about the city is not even its fantastic infrastructure (good roads and functional streetlights everywhere). It is the people.

Abakaliki’s Streetlights Come Alive Every Night

There is an unmistakable air of contentment and orderliness among the local populace that makes the city unbelievably peaceful. Added to the giant development strides and the organised policing network around the city (the best I’ve seen in Nigeria), Abakaliki is without a doubt, a model for the Nigeria of our dreams.

Abakaliki’s Roads are in Excellent Condition


In a Hurry to Develop Ebonyi State: Governor Dave Umahi, the man credited with Abakaliki’s massive developmental transformation

Abakaliki is the safest city to vacation in Nigeria, and one of the safest and sanest places to raise a decent family. Do not take my word for it; you will have to visit Abakaliki to experience this for yourself. It is only an hour’s drive from Enugu International Airport to Abakaliki city centre. Be warned though, that you might get sucked in by the city’s addictiveness – and you will be reluctant to leave.


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  1. Nice review. Abakaliki is rapidly developing into a beautiful city. Couldn’t recognise it when I visited in December last year.

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