Amazing Benefits of Garlic and Vitamin C Combination For Men

For Nigerian men struggling with erectile dysfunction and sexual performance problems, you are about to learn the best kept secret that will solve your problem for good.

Apart from psychological causes such as anxiety and stress, the leading causes of erectile dysfunction in men have to do with blood pressure, nitric oxide levels and blood flow. If you find a way to regulate your blood pressure to a normal level, boost your body’s nitric oxide level, and achieve good blood flow to your groin area, then a good erection is almost guaranteed to occur.

Today I bring you an extraordinary piece of information that can significantly decrease your blood pressure, elevate your nitric oxide production, and ensure massive blood flow, and dramatically improve your ability to achieve and sustain erections.

Taking a combination of garlic and Vitamin C supplements will not only eliminate high blood pressure and poor blood flow, it will make you a garrison commander in the bedroom. This is guaranteed, and validated by solid research evidence.


If you can withstand the socially embarrassing odour problems resulting from consuming raw garlic, then try to take up to four cloves of garlic a day alongside two tablets of 1,000 mg concentrated Vitamin C supplements.

Alternatively, the easier (and odourless) way to achieve the same goal is to buy de-odourised garlic supplements and combine them with Vitamin C tablets. Look for garlic supplements of at least 1,000mg and combine with two vitamin C tablets, taken once daily.

However, the problem is that many garlic supplements do not contain the required levels of Allicin (garlic’s most active component), which means that you might not achieve the desired results. Make sure to choose your preferred brand of garlic and vitamin C supplements very carefully.

Recommended Supplements

Based on my extensive research, trial and error experimentation, and resultant experience, I recommend two brands to help you achieve excellent results: GNLD Garlic Allium Complex and Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C-1000 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips. If you combine these two products, I guarantee that you would notice significant differences within a few days of use.

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