Amazing Benefits of Garlic and Vitamin C Combination For Men

For worried men across the world struggling with erectile dysfunction, impotence, and sexual performance problems, you are about to learn the best kept secret that will solve your problem for good.

Apart from psychological causes such as anxiety and stress, the leading causes of erectile dysfunction and impotence for most men include high blood pressure, low nitric oxide levels and poor blood flow. If you find a way to regulate your blood pressure to a normal level, boost your body’s nitric oxide level, and achieve good blood flow to your groin area, then a good penile erection is almost guaranteed to occur. This is a scientific fact.

Today I bring you an extraordinary piece of information that can significantly decrease your blood pressure, elevate your nitric oxide production, ensure massive blood flow, and dramatically improve your ability to achieve and sustain powerful erections.

Taking a combination of garlic and vitamin C supplements will not only eliminate high blood pressure and poor blood flow, it will make you the undisputed champion of ANY bedroom. With correct intake of garlic and vitamin c combined, your woes with erectile dysfunction (ED) will most likely be a thing of the past. Simply put, the combination of garlic and vitamin c is an effective natural cure for impotence and other ED symptoms. This is guaranteed, and validated by solid research evidence.


If you can withstand the socially embarrassing bad breath and body odour problems resulting from consuming raw garlic, then try to take three to four cloves of garlic a day combined with at least 1,000 mg of concentrated vitamin C supplements. This is best taken in one dose, especially at night.

Alternatively, the easier (and odourless) way to achieve the same goal is to buy de-odourised garlic supplements and combine them with Vitamin C tablets. Look for garlic supplements of at least 1,000 mg and combine with 1000 mg vitamin C supplements, taken once or twice daily.

However, the problem is that many garlic supplements do not contain the required levels of allicin (garlic’s most active component), which means that you might not achieve the desired results. Allicin is typically released when raw garlic is chopped or crushed, thus unleashing its powerful biological action. Without allicin, much of the erectile benefits of garlic will be lost. Many garlic supplements either do not contain allicin at all, or contain very insignificant amounts. If you want garlic and vitamin c combination to work for you, you must buy garlic supplements that contain the right amount of allicin.

Similarly, although any vitamin c supplement would work (insofar as it is up to 1000 mg), I have found that vitamin c  supplements laced with bioflavonoids mainly because bioflavonoids enhance the biological action and antioxidant potency of vitamin c, thus boosting blood circulation and suppressing inflammatory conditions. Between them, garlic (with allicin) and vitamin C (with bioflavonoids) is arguably the most powerful natural hack for sexual performance. It is almost miraculous how powerful this combo is. Within one week of consistent use of the garlic and vitamin C combination, you will see noticeable differences in the ease, consistency, and power of your erections.

Recommended Supplements

Based on my extensive research, trial and error experimentation, and resultant experience, I recommend two brands to help you achieve excellent results: GNLD Garlic Allium Complex and Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C-1000 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips. If you combine these two natural supplements,  you should see amazing results within a few days of use.

For best results,  there are two ways to take this combination of GNLD Garlic Allium and Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C in terms of dosage. The first way is to take one capsule of the garlic supplement along with one tablet of the vitamin c twice daily,  in the morning and at night. The second way is to take two capsules of the garlic and vitamin c each only once a day, preferably at night. Both dosage types produce excellent noticeable results in a short time,  typically within a week or two.

If you are in the United States, Canada, or Europe, you can buy the recommended garlic and vitamin c supplements online on Amazon (see product links above).

If you’re in Nigeria, buy the recommended garlic supplement online (Jumia),  HERE

Buy the recommended Vitamin C supplement online (Jumia),  click HERE


  1. I read this here some weeks ago and I had to come back to give my feedback. One word. UNBELIEVABLE. It’s almost too powerful to be true. Usually had trouble getting an erection, even in the morning. But after taking the GNLD garlic with another brand of vit c supplement which is 1500 mg per tablet for about 8 days, damn, the erections just got so strong it hurts. I wake up every morning feeling like a sex starved prisoner. The boner is always rock solid it hurts. Eben get boners in public when I see an attractive girl, This NEVER used to happen.

    When I had sex after about 11 days of taking this combination, I already had an erection just by kissing the girl and even after I came, my dick still didn’t want to go down until about a full minute after I came! I’m never going to stop taking this combination. Got to say it has changed my life. Feel so confident right now. No more disappointments and anxiousness when I’m in a room with a girl. This is better than viagra.

    1. That’s great. I am happy that this worked for you. No doubt it can work for millions of other men with ED too.

  2. Will this work for me , I think my problem is psychological. When I try to use a condom I get limp. Or when sometimes I try to have sex I get erection but go limp when I want to penetrate. But when jerking off I’m hard. Would garlic and vitamin c work for this?

    1. I’m sure using the garlic and vitamin c combination would make you more likely to get an erection than otherwise. However, psychological ED can be quite difficult to deal with unless you address its root causes. For instance, try to avoid masturbation and porn at all costs, for as long as possible. This can only have a significant impact on your ability to have erections when you’re with a real life partner.

  3. What is the dosage? I want to order from Jumia through the links provided, but I’m concerned about the dosage. How many of both the galic supplement and Vit C should i take every night?

    1. There are two ways to take this that work well based on my experience. First is to take one capsule each (of the garlic and vitamin c supplements) in the morning and again at night. The other is to take two capsules each once a day, preferably at night. When the effect kicks in after about a week, and you begin to notice stronger erections, you can step down the dosage to a ‘maintenance mode’ of only one capsule of garlic and vitamin c each once a day. With time (maybe after about three weeks), you may even be taking the combination only 3 days in a week, and the potency would still be there in your body.

      In any case, since garlic and vitamin c are entirely natural, you don’t have to fear any side effects associated with dosage. However, it is recommended to take not more than two capsules of the suggested 1000mg garlic and vitamin c supplements each in a day.

    1. Shrinkage and weakness are caused by poor blood flow to the penile region, coupled with poor nitride oxide distribution. That’s exactly what the garlic and vitamin c combination tackles. This combination of garlic and vitamin c will force blood to your groin area, which will not only help improve erections and erection strength, but will also give your flaccid penis a ‘fuller’ look due to the increased blood flow and nitric oxide circulation in the area. This will help rectify the shinkage problem and resolve the weakness as well.

      Take the recommended supplements faithfully, for at least two weeks nonstop, and then observe the difference. I’m confident you will notice significant improvement.

  4. Awesome article. Been happy since I read this yesterday, that I’ve found something to give me a boost in the “other” room. By the way, does this work for premature ejaculation (P.E) too? Thanks for this great post.

    1. Sure Thomas. This helps for premature ejaculation in the sense that your nitric oxide production and blood flow would be relentless… Making you stay harder for much longer. Besides, even if you happen to ejaculate earlier than you would like (because your partner is super hot and attractive), your rebound time for the next round would be significantly shorter if you’re on the garlic and vitamin c regimen…which means that the second round would be yours for the taking. You’ll knock any opponent out in the “other room”… TKO.. like Mike Tyson used to do in his heyday.

      Since I discovered this combo, the ‘other room’ has been my fortress. It’s been a long unbeaten run!

    1. Well, the colour of the Vitamin c tablets doesn’t matter. However, the common cheap ones sold by your local chemists may not be up to 1000mg per tablet/caplet. Ask your local chemists for 1000mg vitamin c tablets if available. If not, then you’ll have to take as many tablets as required to make up at least 1000mg, along with the garlic of course.

  5. Please i have an odorless garlic extract which is little above 200mg along with Vitamin c 1000mg, supposing i double the dossage of the garlic will it work pending the time i finish the garlic extract at home and go for the recommended one?

    1. If the odorless garlic supplement you have is 200mg per capsule or tablet, then you’ll have to take 5 of it in a day to make up at least 1000mg. Besides, are you sure that that particular garlic extract brand is fortified with the crucial allicin? Check the composition to confirm. Without the right amount of allicin (garlic’s most active component), then the resultant benefits may not be as good as you expect.

    1. Swallowing raw garlic wouldn’t circumvent the unpleasant odour, as your body will still release it through your breath, sweat, fart, etc. The odour can’t be prevented as long as t is raw garlic. In any case, if you must take raw garlic with the vitamin c, it is necessary to cut and chew the garlic before swallowing. That’s how the allicin compound is released. Then again, you can avoid all of these by simply using the recommended odourless garlic supplement already fortified with allicin.

  6. I just read an article on a remedy for garlic breath and the major remedies listed are raw apples, mint leaves, lettuce and milk which can be taken. Do I still go ahead with the raw garlic? will all these remedies for the garlic breath reduce the potency of the garlic?

    1. Unfortunately, these “remedies” do not eliminate garlic odour. Even if they manage to reduce the garlic breath, they don’t do much for the garlic odour that penetrates through your bodily pores via sweat, nostrils, fart, et cetera.

      Besides, I’m not so sure whether they reduce the potency of the garlic itself. If you have to take raw garlic, I suggest you take it on its own along with the Vitamin C. It’s best to take it before bedtime at nights when you’re done with the business of the day (if you’re sleeping alone). Otherwise, the supplement route is the only realistic way to reap the expected benefits and yet avoid the garlic breath/odour. Just make sure to use the recommended garlic supplement, or any other brand that contains sufficient allicin (though hard to come by).

  7. nice article,and kudos for the great work u doing freely here,please i have a question for you, these supplements u mentioned above,do they have any side effects,are they to be used continuously or can be stopped after getting its positiive results..thanks

    1. The supplements have no side effects. Remember, garlic and vitamin c are entirely natural, and we all know that the body absorbs them effortlessly, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

      As for intake duration, one can’t stop taking vitamins and minerals and yet expect to retain the health benefits. It’s like food; its health and wellbeing benefits depend on consistent intake.

      This does not mean that the garlic and vitamin c supplements create a habit forming dependency or addiction, as they are restorative, and you can certainly perform without them – once their combined effects take root in your body. However, it s advisable to take the combination as recommended in the first one month or so, then afterwards, you can gradually reduce the dosage – especially when you see that the effect (on your erections) is too powerful. For me personally, these days I take the garlic and vitamin c combination only twice a week. It still has the same powerful effect as when I used to take it daily. However, the effects should kick in first before you reduce the dosage.

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