Ruzu Bitters is an Excellent Natural Remedy For Diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes or you are prone to diabetes, you already know how debilitating and life-threatening this condition can be. Not to mention how expensive it is to manage.

Based on firsthand feedback we received, there is a far cheaper and more effective way to prevent or manage diabetes (depending on your existing blood sugar and insulin levels). It’s a little known natural detoxification product known as Ruzu Herbal bitters. My aunt has been dealing with diabetes now, and having spent a truckload of money on regular insulin injections, was getting to the point where continued expenditure was becoming unsustainable. She somehow learnt about Ruzu Bitters and started trying it out. To say that her condition has improved significantly is to understate the facts. With a bottle costing less than N4,000, and with about two bottles being sufficient for a monthly management of diabetes and high blood sugar, Ruzu bitters seems to have provided her with an improbable lifeline.

I am not exactly sure about its mechanism of action, but my checks reveal that Ruzu Bitters’ active ingredients and composition include Uvarie Chamae (Bush Banana), Curculigo Pilosa (Squirrel Groundnut) and Colocythis citrullus (Bitter Apple). I asked about side effects and the only side effects noticed is the strong laxative effect associated with effective antioxidants and detoxifiers.

Since Ruzu Bitters is accredited and approved by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), and considering how inexpensive it is, I’d suggest you try it to see if this works. I got a bottle for myself and it says it also helps regulate high blood pressure. I can’t confirm this yet, but evidence of its effectiveness for diabetes and blood sugar management is indisputable.

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