Facts About Goko Cleanser Herbal Bitters: Uses, Benefits and Effects

Goko Cleanser herbal bitters has gained the reputation of a wonder tonic over the last couple of years, mostly because of its perceived effectiveness in tackling a variety of health conditions. From bacterial infections to typhoid, back pain, urinary tract diseases, diabetes, hemorrhage, infertility,  impotence, and premature ejaculation, Goko Cleanser is perceived to be an all-purpose herbal cure for almost every health problem.

If you commute regularly through the major bus stops and busy markets in Nigeria’s main commercial cities, you can’t fail to notice hawkers peddling bottles of Goko Cleanser, and marketers with public address systems announcing the miraculous benefits of Goko Cleanser herbal bitters – claiming that it cures virtually every disease.

But how true are these claims? What exactly is Goko Cleanser, how does it work, and what is it effective for? In this review, we take a comprehensive look at the Goko Cleanser herbal bitters to equip you with  all the information you need about this product.

Goko Cleanser Ingredients and Composition

Goko Cleanser is a herbal mixture that contains a combination of medicinal herbs which are formulated to detoxify the body, neutralize oxidative stress, and promote good health. As its name suggests, the main function of Goko Cleanser is essentially to ‘cleanse’ your blood and vital organs – thereby eliminating toxins and other impurities that weaken your immune system and cause many health problems.

Although not much is known about the manufacturer of Goko Cleanser herbal bitters other than an attribution to a certain “Dr. Iguedo”, it is reassuring that the product is duly licensed and registered by the Nigerian Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), which makes it safe for consumption.

The main ingredients of Goko Cleanser are: Allium Sativum (garlic), Vernonia Amygdalina (bitter leaf plant), Saccharum Officinalis (sugarcane extracts), and Cajanus Cajan (pigeon peas). To put it in more straightforward terms, you can say Goko Bitter’s active ingredients are a combination of garlic, bitter leaf, sugarcane, and pigeon peas.

Although you may wonder how these seemingly simple and common natural components can produce the immense healing powers attributed to Goko Cleanser, it is important to note that these ingredients contain substantial anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial,  anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties which make them super effective in promoting good health.

Garlic contains a powerful compound known as Allicin, which is highly effective in reducing blood pressure, preventing heart disease, boosting the immune system and rejuvenating the body’s cells. On the other hand, bitter leaf is laced with powerful antioxidants, minerals and nutrients which makes it one of the most medicinal plants in nature.

Sugarcane is loaded with an optimum concentration of potassium, magnesium, calcium and manganese, which makes it alkaline in nature and a restorative influence on many biological processes and organs in the body. Lastly, pigeon peas, in case you’re wondering what it is, has nothing to do with pigeons.

Pigeon peas are leguminous plant seeds grown in tropical regions, and they are rich in a variety of minerals, B vitamins, dietary fiber and antioxidants that strengthen the body’s immunity to numerous diseases.

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In essence, the combination of these four ingredients (garlic, bitter leaf extracts,  sugarcane extracts and pigeon peas) in the right quantities and appropriate formulation is what you would find in a bottle of Goko Cleanser herbal bitters.

This should eliminate any fears about whether Goko Cleanser contains strange chemicals or other unknown substances that may be potentially unsafe for human consumption.

How Goko Cleanser Herbal Bitters Works

Many health problems are caused by oxidative stress, build-up of toxins and free radicals in the body, impurities in the blood and vital organs, and imbalances in the circulatory and nervous systems. If these issues can be regulated and normalized, then there is a very high chance that you will be in perfect health.

Regularly taking the right mix of vegetables and herbs such as those in the Goko Cleanser formulation can prevent these issues from taking root in the body. This explains why many of our older relatives in prior generations who lived in the villages hardly experienced the numerous health problems we face these days.

Their organic diets of fresh vegetables and medicinal herbs effectively fortified their immune systems and kept them in good health. Goko Cleanser aims to achieve something similar by eliminating oxidative and toxic residues in the body through the combined restorative action of its main ingredients.

What happens when you take Goko Cleanser herbal bitters is that the accumulated toxins, fats, cholesterol, impurities and other harmful free radicals in your bloodstream and body will be gradually neutralised and washed out en masse through excrement, gases and urine. This explains why you will likely experience increased bowel movement, higher urge to urinate, and in some cases more frequent farting after taking Goko Cleanser herbal bitters.

The increased bowel movement, expulsion of gases and urination should not be seen as a side effect or a cause for concern. It is simply a sign that the cleansing function of Goko Cleanser is in full effect, and in a matter of days you should begin to notice the positive results of such biological reactions that come with intake of Goko Cleanser.

Indeed, it is important to take lots of water during the periods you’re using Goko Bitters, to aid its cleansing action and facilitate expulsion of all undesirable elements in your body that are responsible for the health problem you’re facing.

What Exactly is Goko Cleanser Herbal Bitters Effective For – Which Diseases Does it Cure?

The question of what health problems Goko Cleanser can be used to cure is a very important one that many people are concerned about. The answer is not straightforward, as one cannot possibly make an exhaustive list of ALL the conditions that Goko Cleanser herbal bitters effectively treats.

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However, like we explained already, Goko Bitters does not directly attack the symptoms of any specific disease. Instead, it tackles the ROOT causes of many diseases by dealing with the underlying triggers such as oxidative stress, toxins, free radicals, impurities, and physiological imbalances.

In effect, what this means is that Goko Cleanser can help you deal with many health problems. From our experiments, research, and feedback from numerous users of Goko Cleanser herbal bitters, we can safely conclude that some of the conditions that Goko Cleanser can help cure include:

Constipation and indigestion, painful stooling, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, lack of appetite, bad breath (mouth odour), nausea, bronchitis, erectile dysfunction caused by poor blood flow, irregular menstruation, bacterial infections, back pain, tumours and boils. Positive feedback also suggests that Goko Cleanser is effective in managing high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis.

The above list of health problems that Goko Cleanser can be used to treat is not exhaustive by any means, and does not imply that Goko Cleanser on its own will completely cure these health conditions in every case.

Depending on the nature and severity of the symptoms you’re having, it is always advisable to consult a doctor for proper diagnoses, medication and treatment if necessary. Goko Cleanser herbal bitters should not be seen as a one-size-fits-all solution that replaces conventional medication and treatment. Rather, Goko Cleanser is only an alternative, natural remedy that you should use when symptoms are not severe – to see if it works for you or not.

For a herbal product that is acclaimed to be effective in tackling several diseases and other ill health symptoms, its price is surprisingly very affordable. The standard retail price of Goko Bitters in Nigeria is N500 if you buy it from marketplace vendors, mobile dealerships, and marketers. But its price can range between N600 and N800 if you buy it from pharmacies or stores, depending on place and location.

Recommended Usage and Dosage of Goko Cleanser Herbal Bitters

The instructional leaflet in Goko Cleanser’s pack stipulates a dosage of two caps of the mixture taken thrice a day (morning, afternoon and night). However, there is no doubt that this may be inconvenient for many people who are busy during the day and cannot risk the embarrassment of bowel movement at odd times or locations.

From what we have found, Goko Cleanser herbal bitters works best at night and in the morning when your body system is less active and primed for its restorative action.

For best results, it is perfectly fine to take three caps of Goko Cleanser herbal bitters at night before bed, and two caps first thing in the morning. Depending on the health condition you’re using Goko Cleanser for, you should begin to notice improvements within a few days or within a week.

Goko Cleanser Herbal Bitters Side Effects

Thankfully, Goko Cleanser’s all-natural composition means that it realistically does not have any serious side effects that can endanger your health. There are no significant chemical preservatives or synthetic compounds in the herbal mixture that can cause harmful reactions in the body.

However, as indicated earlier, some of what may be considered mild side effects (although harmless) are increased bowel movement, farting and more frequent urination. Another ‘side effect’ (if you see it that way) is that Goko Cleanser has a strong bitter taste which some people may find difficult to deal with or swallow.

There is really no way to avoid this bitterness, and you should accept it as a small price to pay for the solutions to whatever health problem you’re using Goko Bitters for. In any case, these very minimal and temporary side effects wear off as soon as you stop taking the herbal bitters, so there should be no worries about how long the side effects will last. Nonetheless, because of the strong antioxidant and cleansing action of Goko Cleanser herbal bitters, women should avoid using it during pregnancy – especially in the first trimester.

In fact,  because of its potent deep cleansing properties,  many girls believe that Goko Cleanser can be used for abortions,  especially when overdosed (consuming several bottles at once) during the early stages of conception. There is no evidence to prove that Goko Cleanser is effective for the illicit purpose of abortion.

Besides,  this underhand use of the product is certainly not what Goko Cleanser bitters was designed for. Using it for abortions or other illicit purposes requiring over dosage of the herbal mixture may be dangerous and should therefore never be contemplated.

Furthermore, it is not advisable for nursing mothers currently breastfeeding to use Goko Cleanser, to avoid causing diarrhea and stomach upsets for their babies.

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39 thoughts on “Facts About Goko Cleanser Herbal Bitters: Uses, Benefits and Effects

  1. I have been bleeding for more than a week. I don’t no if it’s due to my hormones but am sure it’s not a miscarriage

    1. Goko Cleanser is excellent for premature ejaculation because it flushes sugar from your system. Excess sugar is a major cause of premature ejaculation. Try to take it twice a day for two or three days. You will see that you will last longer.

    1. Sure it helps for cleansing the blood to remove malaria parasite, but if you already have full blown malaria, it is best to use conventional malaria drugs.

  2. Enter your comment here…can goko cleanser prevent pregnancy? like when a lady had sex today and take it that very day will she be pregnant?

    1. The honest truth is yes, Goko Cleanser is terribly effective in washing away early pregnancy. This is not what the herbal drug was designed for, but the fact is that it has abortive properties. Taking a quarter to half bottle of it after sex or in the first few days of early pregnancy will most likely prevent/abort the pregnancy.

    1. I’m not sure about Hepatitis, but you wouldn’t know until you try. I know someone who had chronic prostatitis and took three bottles of Goko Cleanser over the course of two weeks (three times a day), and it permanently cured it! So Goko Cleanser can be effective for a lot of things; you only have to try it to see if it works for you.

    1. For the vast majority of people who use Goko Cleanser, yes it does cause purging (bowel movement). That’s one of the immediate signs that the product is indeed doing its job.

      That’s why it’s advisable to take it t night when you’re sure to be home.

    1. No Helen, it is not advisable for pregnant women and nursing mothers to take Goko Cleanser. It is especially risky to take Goko Cleanser in the first trimester of pregnancy, as it can lead to inadvertent abortion because of its powerful deep cleansing, detoxifying and purgative effect.

  3. Could you please also write a review of Koso cleanser, which I was told is produced by the same company but which is claimed to be more effective?

    I actually bought it for the treatment of staph infection, which has been very has been very long and stubborn to treat as several herbal and orthodox drugs have not been able to cure it.

    I was told it goes for N1,500 and that it is the most effective of all the products and that it will treat it.

    I will appreciate to have a review of it.


  4. Very detailed information about this Goko Cleanser product. Thanks. I’ve been searching for more info about its composition to know how safe it is. Do you know whether it reduces blood sugar levels in the body?

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