Comprehensive Review of Aboniki Balm Uses, Power and Effects

Aboniki Balm has become arguably the most widely used deep heat mentholated ointment in Nigeria and Africa at large, which is perhaps a testament to the balm’s unrivaled strength and almost miraculous healing power. Aboniki balm uses and effects are widely recognized. But there’s a lot about it that many people still don’t know.

If you have ever used the Aboniki Balm for colds, catarrh, sore throat and other flu symptoms, you would know that its formulation is one of a kind – with its intensely soothing menthol that starts working immediately you inhale or apply it.

But if you’re only using Aboniki balm for flu symptoms like cold and catarrh, then you are getting less than half the value you should derive from this incredibly powerful and versatile mentholated balm. Most people do not know the numerous other uses and benefits of Aboniki balm.

In this comprehensive Aboniki Balm review, you would find out all you need to know about Aboniki Balm uses, powerful effects, and versatile applications for health and body issues.

What is So Special About Aboniki Balm (Ingredients and Composition)

Aboniki Balm’s unique ingredients base and formulation is central to its distinctiveness as an all-round healing balm.

Aboniki Balm’s active ingredients include Menthol (6.10%), Methyl Salicylate (4.25%), Camphor (5.4%), Eucalyptus oil (2.30%), D-Panthenol, and ointment base – formulated in high strength concentrations that bolster the ointment’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers. The balm is also fortified with essential B vitamins specifically Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 which are powerful natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

The combination of these components produces a deep heat rub that is potent for many health problems caused by inflammation, oxidative stress, and infections (bacterial and viral).

Aboniki Balm Uses and Applications (Some Would Surprise You)

We all already knew that Aboniki Balm is super effective for colds, catarrh and associated flu symptoms including cough and sore throat. We also know that it is great for getting relief from sprains, muscle spasms, and bodily aches and pains. But these are just the basics.

Did you also know that Aboniki Balm can help you fight baldness and stimulate hair growth? Did you Know that it is also great for fighting off belly fat?

Let’s look more closely at some pleasantly surprising things you can use Aboniki Balm for:

Baldness and Hair Growth Stimulation

A little known benefit of Aboniki Balm is its ability to tackle baldness, thinning hair and hair growth problems by stimulating the scalp. If your hair does not grow as quickly as you like, or segments of your hair seem to be experiencing symptoms of baldness, then Aboniki Balm can help.

Simply use the balm in the same way you use a hair cream – apply generous amounts of it across your head and massage it into your scalp daily. If you have very low cut hair, it would feel hot at first, but this effect would soon mellow down. Continuous use of Aboniki in this way will help trigger hair growth.

Belly Fat Reduction and Weight Loss

If you have excess belly fat or weight problems due to too much stomach tissue, then you would be very pleased to know that Aboniki Balm is a highly effective natural fat burner.

This is especially if you’re a nursing mother dealing with post-delivery belly fat and you’re looking for a way to get back in shape without difficult exercises.

Aboniki Balm uses its deep heat action to dissolve excess fat in the belly, and this action sets in when used alone with warm water or combined with baking soda and cinnamon powder.

There are two ways to use Aboniki Balm for belly fat reduction and weight loss. You can use it:

(1) Rub the balm generously all over your belly and massage it with a small towel soaked in warm water. Do this for about 5 cycles morning and night.

(2) Combine it with baking soda and cinnamon powder – put a half table spoon of Aboniki balm in a bowl, add half table spoon of baking soda and half tea spoon of cinnamon powder, mix by stirring gently, and then apply the marshy mixture across your stomach. Leave it on for approximately half an hour and then wash it off. If you do this morning and night daily, you would likely to see results in about a week.

Pregnancy Induced Swollen Feet

Some women experience swelling of feet during pregnancy. This can really hurt and make walking uncomfortable. Aboniki is a great remedy for this problem. Simply rubbing and massaging the feet with Aboniki Balm will provide quick relief by reducing the swelling and getting rid of the pain.

Although it might sting your feet a little when you first apply it, but this stinging sensation soon goes away and relieves the swelling and pain.

List of Health & Body Problems Aboniki Balm is Effective For

Now you know that Aboniki Balm may help burn belly fat, stimulate hair growth and reduce swollen feet during pregnancy, what are the other things you can use this multipurpose deep heat rub for?

Some people claim that Aboniki Balm helps them reduce acute acne and pimples, heal boils, repel insects (e.g. mosquitoes) from the body, and manage allergic reactions, arthritis, and itching.

While these claims are not verified, it is certainly worthwhile to try it and see how it works for you. Regardless, here is a detailed list of Aboniki Balm uses based on users’ experiences and claims:

  • Cold & Catarrh
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Back pain
  • Allergies
  • Muscle sprains and aches
  • Arthritis pain & inflammation
  • Pain in joints and tendons
  • Cramps
  • Swellings and lumps
  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Sunburns and minor skin injuries
  • Insect repellent

In all cases, Aboniki Balm uses are topical (i.e. applied on the skin or inhaled), and should not be ingested (taken orally) in the mouth for any reason. You only need to inhale it (in the case of colds and catarrh) or apply it to the affected part of the body and massage gently until its deep heat action sets in.

Side Effects & Cautions for Using Aboniki Balm

Since Aboniki Balm is typically only used topically on the skin, there are no serious side effects that can create significant health problems.

However, one of its mild but common side effects is that it produces a slight cold feeling or burning sensation on the body area to which it is applied. This sensation wears off a few seconds or minutes afterwards.

In addition, repeated inhalation of Aboniki Balm may cause slight drowsiness and teary eyes due to the effect of its strong menthol, camphor and Eucalyptus oil content.

Because of its high strength formulation, you should be careful to avoid applying it close to the eyes, genital area, and other sensitive body parts as this can cause great discomfort and intense ‘pepperish’ or burning sensation.

Pregnant women should also exercise caution when using Aboniki Balm and should avoid inhaling it due to possible discomfort it might cause to the developing baby.

Where to Buy Aboniki Balm

Although Aboniki Balm is widely available in many health stores and pharmacies, you need to be careful to avoid buying fake versions of the product which are also widely in circulation. This is not surprising considering that it is a popular and fast selling product.

To ensure that you are buying the original Aboniki Balm, it is recommended to buy from very reputable pharmacies and stores you trust, or alternatively, you should buy online directly on Amazon (or Jumia, if you’re in Nigeria) from accredited sellers and have the original Aboniki Balm delivered to you.

To buy the original Aboniki Balm from Jumia, Click HERE.

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