Amazing Carrot Soap Benefits For Skin Care (Best Carrot Soaps)

If you’re wondering about carrot soap benefits for your skin,  then the first thing you should know is that many fruits have powerful exfoliating, cleansing and nourishing properties that can do wonders for the skin if formulated and applied the right way.

Carrots in particular are excellent for skin care mainly because they contain high concentrations of a pigment known as beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A and is crucial for healthy, glowing and clear skin.

Carrots also contain essential skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, coupled with natural antioxidants. These elements provide the immense carrot soap benefits for skin that many people do not know about.

Because of its incredibly powerful composition, carrot soap is almost miraculous in the way it nurtures and beautifies the skin. It is highly effective for removing acne, acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles, eczema, freckles, patches, and other common skin problems.

In fact, carrot soap also has powerful anti-aging properties. Regular use of carrot soap can help wipe off signs of aging on your face (wrinkles, lines, and sun burns), leaving you with a much younger appearance.

Unmasking Carrot Soap Benefits For Your Skin Care and Beauty

To properly understand how carrot soap works and why it is so effective in enhancing your skin and beauty, you need to first realize that dirt (including bacteria) and atmospheric conditions are the greatest threat to healthy skin. When dirt, bacteria, and adverse weather hits your skin, the consequence may be problems such as acne breakout, pimples, discoloration, patches, and so on. Over time, these conditions wreak havoc on the skin – dampening your natural complexion, diminishing your beauty, and making you look older than you should.

However, anything that can effectively exfoliate your skin to clear out dirt, nourish and replenish your skin with the right nutrients, and protect your skin from climatic onslaught (such as sun burn) will certainly eliminate skin problems and make you look more beautiful than ever. This is exactly how carrot soap benefits the skin even better than most regular soaps and even skin care cosmetics products.

The anti-oxidant power of carrot soap has a rejuvenating and detoxifying effect on the skin, as it tackles dirt, oil and bacteria that cause many skin problems. The rich vitamin C content in carrot soap also has the crucial function of high collagen production, which plays a major anti-aging role in preventing wrinkles and lines on the face.

When used consistently, the deep-cleansing (but not necessarily harsh) capability of carrot soap gradually restores the skin to its pristine condition, making it less likely to develop blemishes and dark spots. This is perhaps one of the most important carrot soap benefits in skin care.

Does Carrot Soap Lighten Skin?

Many people are curious about whether regular use of carrot soap lightens the skin. The answer to this question is that carrot soap does not lighten the skin in the way that bleaching soaps and creams do. Instead, carrot soap has a deep cleansing effect that brightens the skin by eliminating impurities and dead skin cells.

In other words, rather than lighten your skin like a bleaching agent, carrot soap promotes a brighter skin; it produces a more toned and better looking version of your natural complexion. What this means is that regular use of carrot soap may help you achieve a naturally brighter complexion, devoid of discolorations and dark patches. This is different from the unnatural looking lighter skin tone you might get with soaps and creams with that contain bleaching chemicals.

Best Carrot Soap Options

There are many brands of carrot soaps in the market today, but choosing the best among them is not a straightforward matter since some of the soaps are quite effective and have their relative strengths.

However, based on what we have tried and our interpretation of the reviews out there, we can safely conclude that three of the best carrot soap products currently available are the K Brothers Carrot Soap, Fair and White Carrot Soap, and the Asantee Carrot Soap. A brief review of these very good carrot soaps is necessary to explain why we think they are the best options to choose from.

K Brothers Carrot Soap

K Brothers carrot soap is one of the best carrot soaps available today, mainly because of its rich formulation which combines ample amounts of carrot with Thai Ginseng extracts, fortified with honey, apricot and collagen. This combination of natural ingredients makes K Brothers carrot soap very effective in the deep cleansing of skin, removal of bacteria-laden oil and uprooting of dead skin cells.

While the K Brothers carrot soap can be used in the same way you would use regular bath soaps, it’s more effective to use it as a face mask of sorts, which means applying its rich creamy lather on your skin and allowing it to stay for a few minutes before washing with water. This unleashes the full carrot soap benefits for your skin in terms of exfoliation and brightening. K Brothers carrot soap has a very lovely, fruity smell – in addition to luxuriant bubbly lather – that makes bathing with it very pleasurable.

It’s a great carrot soap for overall skin care, and many people who use it begin to notice a clearer and brighter skin within a few weeks. K Brothers carrot soap is produced by a Thailand-based manufacturer that specializes in the production of fruit-based organic soaps. It is available in the US market on Amazon.

Fair and White Savon Carrot Exfoliating Soap

The Fair and White Carrot Soap is another very good carrot soap which is more popular in the American market. Fair and White Carrot Soap is one of the best carrot soaps because of its excellent ingredients composition which include carrot oil, apricot seed extracts and the skin-nourishing vitamin E and Vitamin K.

This carrot soap is deeply exfoliating, without necessarily drying the skin. Its delightful fragrance is also one of the strong points of the Fair and White carrot soap benefits, although it is somewhat sugary and not quite as fruity smelling as one might expect.

The delicate mix of ingredients in the formulation used for the Fair and White Carrot Soap is aimed at avoiding any stinging or burning sensation, especially for people with sensitive skin. While this is a good thing if your skin is very sensitive or if you have dry skin, it also means that the skin brightening effect of Fair and White Carrot Soap may take a bit longer to manifest – as opposed to K Brothers Carrot Soap which clears out blemishes and brightens the skin relatively quickly.

The Fair and White carrot Soap is arguably better for people with dry skin, while K Brothers Carrot Soap is perhaps better for people with oily skin. This is not to say that both soaps cannot be used by people of all skin types.

Asantee Carrot With Honey Soap

The final product on our preferred list of the best carrot soaps is the Asantee Carrot Soap (also known as Asantee Carrot with Honey Soap), which is reputed to be a particularly powerful and fast acting soap for complexion care and elimination of skin problems. The Asantee carrot soap goes beyond just carrots to incorporate powerful skin and beauty enhancing agents such as honey, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) collagen, Coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin C.

These natural ingredients combination makes the Asantee carrot soap highly potent for a wide range of skin problems including acne, blackheads, dark spots, and eczema. While honey combines with carrots to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, the AHA component in Asantee carrot soap acts to hydrate the skin and loosen layers of dead cells that cling to the skin’s surface.

Also, the Coenzyme Q10 contained in Asantee carrot soap is great at neutralizing potentially harmful free radicals that trigger blemishes and cause aging. The combined effect of these active ingredients makes Asantee carrot soap one of the most effective carrot soaps for clearing impurities in the skin and gaining a brighter, younger-looking face and body. The fragrance of Asantee carrot soap is slightly fruity but quite mild, which may be regarded as a good thing if you are averse to strong smells from your bath soaps.

The Asantee carrot soap is arguably the strongest of all three carrot soaps in this shortlist, mainly because its deep cleansing and exfoliating function leaves your skin feeling thoroughly clean and somewhat dry. You can apply your usual moisturizers after using this soap if you consider its effects too drying on your skin.

However, in terms of its action against blemishes, acne scars and dark spots as well as its skin brightening effects, Asantee carrot soap works very quickly. Some people notice significant differences within one or two weeks of daily use.

The Bottom-line about Using Carrot Soap For Skin Care

Irrespective of the carrot soap brand you choose, the bottom line is that carrot soap is one of the most effective solutions to the skin and beauty challenges you might be facing. You may try any of the recommended carrot soap products to see how it works for you.

Whether you settle for K Brothers Carrot Soap, Fair and White Carrot Soap, or Asantee Carrot and Honey Soap, what you should expect is a renewed glow, suppleness, clearing of spots and blemishes, a brighter complexion, and a younger look.

All three carrot soaps can be used in pretty much the same way – as a face mask. Apply it on your skin and allow for a few minutes before washing. It is recommended to use the soap twice a day – morning and night – for best results.

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