Avocado Diet Naturally Reduce Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Perhaps you’ve been avoiding avocados because you heard they are full of fat. That’s a big mistake. While it is true that avocado has a high fat content, the fats in avocado diet are ‘good fats’ (monounsaturated fats) which are not only healthy and beneficial, but can help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure levels.

If you’re looking for the best diet to naturally lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, there’s probably nothing more effective than the amazingly nutritious avocado diet.

Health conscious people worldwide recognize the highly nutritious value of avocado, which explains why this powerful fruit is now known as a superfood.

In this article, we will show you why avocado diet is so effective for reducing your cholesterol and blood pressure naturally, while also deriving additional health benefits.

The Big Deal About Avocado Diet

Avocados are among the most nutritious fruits and foods on earth; a single avocado contains more than twenty powerful vitamins, minerals and amino acids – which work together to tackle numerous ill-health symptoms and enhance your overall health.

Some of the key vitamins loaded in avocados include Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and B Vitamins. Minerals and other organic compounds contained in avocados include potassium, folate, magnesium, zinc and fiber.

With this star-studded list of constituent vitamins and minerals, it is easy to see where avocado diet derives its miraculous powers to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, and a host of other health conditions.

How Avocado Works for Cholesterol Reduction

One of the key components of avocado – the plant-based fat called beta-sitosterol – is the primary reason why avocado diet is the best diet to lower cholesterol.

The beta-sitosterol contained in avocados does the marvelous job of reducing the amount of cholesterol that the body absorbs from the food you eat.

What this means is that the amount of bad cholesterol that would ordinarily be unlocked in your body from the high cholesterol foods you consume is significantly reduced by beta-sitosterol activity made possible by eating avocados regularly.

In addition, the combination of monounsaturated fats, minerals, and vitamins in avocados empower the body to neutralize bad cholesterol buildup – by tackling oxidative stress, toxins, and free radicals.

Accordingly, if you’re looking for the best diet to lower cholesterol levels, you should note that avocado diet is arguably the best fruit source of organic compounds that control cholesterol buildup and counteract the negative effects of cholesterol on your body.

How Avocados Reduce Blood Pressure

Avocado’s blood pressure lowering power derives largely from its super high potassium content; avocados are known to contain even more potassium than bananas or any other fruit.

A 100 gram serving of avocado diet contains roughly 15 percent of the potassium nutrient, making this fruit a potassium powerhouse.

What makes potassium very crucial in regulating blood pressure is the fact that it counteracts the negative effects of salt in the body and optimizes electrical gradients within the body’s cells, which in turn helps reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease, kidney failure and stroke.

Avocado is also rich in fiber, which further boosts its blood pressure lowering powers. Fiber is indigestible plant matter that helps reduce blood sugar spikes and reduce the stress on blood vessel walls, thereby normalizing blood pressure.

Besides, avocados contain significant levels of both vitamins C and E, and these antioxidant vitamins are effective for natural blood pressure control.

Best Avocado Diet Plan to Reduce Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

There are many ways to prepare your avocado. It can be combined with different fruits or meals or can even serve as a healthy meal replacement.

Although it is often eaten raw – alone or with salads – you can also include avocado in your diet in a number of ways that will ensure you get enough of it to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

You can design an avocado diet by using avocado as a fat replacement when baking (replacing the fats you normally use – such as oil, butter, or shortening) with an equal amount of mashed avocado). You can also use avocado as a substitute for bananas when making protein shakes or smoothies.

However, in terms of a proper avocado diet plan for maximum potency in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels, you should consider eating your avocados in the following way during breakfast, lunch and dinner:

  • Avocado Breakfast: Take half of one large sized avocado, combined with 4 oz of plain cottage cheese.
  • Avocado Lunch: Cut the remaining half of the avocado into cubes and mix with tomatoes, green salad leafs, and one egg. Conclude by using lemon juice for the dressing, thus making yourself a super healthy avocado salad
  • Avocado Dinner: Combine half avocado with 4 oz of plain cottage cheese or yogurt along with 5 oz of grilled fish or chicken.

You must always take these avocado meals with lots of water, and to maximize its cholesterol and blood pressure reducing powers, you should avoid adding salt to your avocado diet.

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