Beer Drinkers Beware: How to Identify a Clean or Dirty Beer Glass Cup

For Nigerian ladies and gentlemen who frequent bars, lounges, beer parlours, and other fun spots to savour bottles of cold beer, you probably have concerns about how clean the glass you are using to drink your beer is. For some, it is compulsory to ‘appease the gods’ so to say, by rinsing the glass  cup with a small amount of beer and pouring the content on the floor before proceeding. Others simply resign themselves to fate and pray that the glass is not dirty enough to pose any health risks.

Regardless of whether you perform a quick rinse ritual or not, it is fairly often for your beer glass cup to be stained by things like oil and detergent residue, dirt particles, and other yucky grease that your eyes may not immediately see.

However, to help you decide whether or not to use that glass next time you go to a beer parlour, here is a quick and easy way to determine whether the glass is clean or not.

How to Identify an Unclean Beer Cup

You can tell that a beer glass cup is not completely clean when you pour beer into it and you see bubbles clinging to the sides of the glass from the inside. Take a quick look at the image below to see and understand what I am talking about…

Clingy Bubbles… A Sure Sign of an Unclean Beer Cup

Many guys would have previously thought that these bubbles represent the ‘coldness’ of the beer. Sorry to burst your bubble, literally; these bubbles are a sure sign that the cup is relatively dirty. Next time you see these clingy bubbles in your glass cup at a beer parlour, drink with caution.

One way to avoid this problem altogether, for the big boys who are extra conscious about cleanliness, is to drink your beer at home – where you can be sure that your glass is always extra clean. If you don’t like the sight of beer bottles littering your space and making your house look like an untidy beer depot, then you could buy this ultra stylish household beer dispenser machine to pump out your chilled lager in the comfort of your own home. This way, you’ll never have to worry about yucky clingy bubbles in your glass cup.




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