Ab workout after childbirth is a must for women who are serious about returning to their trim shape after the strenuous experience of carrying a pregnancy for months and putting to bed.

Getting back in shape after childbirth is a big burden for most new moms.  You’ll worry about how to lose baby fat and flatten your abdominal walls stretched out by pregnancy and child birth.

At the same time you’ll also wonder how to juggle between the demanding routines of ab workouts and taking care of (and feeding) your adorable new baby who certainly deserves all the attention you can possibly give.

Thankfully, doing your ab workout after childbirth is not as difficult as it seems. If you consider the excellent equipment and workout routines for new moms recommended in this article, you would see how fast and easy you’ll regain flat abs and trim shape without depriving your little angel of the precious care and attention that he or she needs.

Best Equipment For Ab Workout After baby

Considering that your body needs time to heal after the rigor of pregnancy and child birth, it is important to use only workout equipment that is mild on your body and does not cause any strain.

Thankfully, the resistance band, BOSU ball, and stability ball are great exercises that are mild enough for new moms but also effective for getting rid of belly fat, toning your muscles, and flattening the abs after childbirth.

1. Resistance Band


resistance band ab workoutafter baby for new moms

A resistance band is an excellent and must-have little equipment that every new mom should include in her fitness routine. Using a resistance band is effective for toning and tightening your stretched-out muscles slackened by pregnancy.

This helps you achieve flatter and more toned abs sooner than later! For additional effectiveness, you may consider adding a squat step or seated row to your routine to charge things up when using the resistance band for your ab workout after baby.

2. BOSU Ball

bosu ball ab workout after baby

While the BOSU ball is a tool that is great for ab workout after baby, its benefits for new moms go beyond ab flattening.

The multipurpose equipment known as BOSU ball (i.e. Both Sides Utilized) works your entire body, and can help new moms get back in shape within a very short period if used properly and consistently.

Designed to have a flat platform on one side and a rubber dome on the other, the BOSU ball helps improve your flexibility and balance, reshapes the postpartum body and sharpens your reflexes – making you feel as trim and fit as you were before pregnancy.

With a BOSU Ball, new moms with limited time can get a great ab workout and total body workout with just one piece of equipment. You can try the BOSU exercise at any time, done right in the comfort and privacy of your living room.

3. Stability Ball

stability ball exercises for new moms ab workout after baby

The stability ball is one of the most effective tools for strengthening abdominal walls and other core muscles after childbirth. One reason why the stability ball is great for ab workout after baby is that it engages smaller core muscles that regular exercises do not.

Those smaller muscles are crucial for keeping your balance on the ball, and by doing this new moms will sculpt all the muscle groups in their abdominals — especially the transverses for a flat stomach. In general, the stability ball allows a range of motions during post-pregnancy exercise moves which can’t be gotten without it

As part of the routines for ab workout after baby, new moms can try a variety of moves specifically created for stability balls. One of the easiest is to try sitting on a stability ball when you’re watching TV; this engages your core and perfects your posture.

You can also try the abdominal crunch to tone your ab muscles. This involves sitting on the stability ball with your feet resting on the floor – hip width apart – and then keeping your back straight, crossing your arms on your chest, and tightening your abdominal muscles.

Thereafter, you should lean back until you feel your abdominal muscles further tighten. Then hold for three deep breaths and return to the start position and repeat.

How About Ab Workout After Childbirth  – WITH Baby!

What if you want ab workout after baby but you can’t afford to workout without your baby? Yes, we know the bond between new moms and their tiny tots can be very strong.

Fortunately, there are a number of very effective ab workout after baby routines that you can try – without having to worry about squeezing workouts between baby feedings and naps.

These routines allow you to bond better with your new baby and introduce them to the glorious world of fitness from their earliest days!

You should begin by doing the exercise series one time daily, for three days a week – and then gradually working up to two times daily for best results. That said, here are the absolute best mom and baby workout routines you should try after childbirth:

4. Row Your Baby Routine

row your baby exercise with baby new moms

  • Sit down holding your baby facing you, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor (or lifted, when you’re more comfortable with this exercise). Then lean torso back so your body is in a “V” shape.
  • Keeping your ab muscles pulled to your spine, slowly lower the baby to your right hip, then lift him or her back up and switch sides, bringing him or her to your left hip. Do this in 12 reps (6 per side).
5. The Plank Series

plank series exercise for new mom with baby ad workout after baby

  • Place your forearms on either side of your baby and walk feet back into the plank position, with your ab muscles pulled to spine. Try to hold this position for up to 30 seconds.
  • Rock to left side, stacking your feet and stretching your right arm up; hold this position for 5 seconds, with your hips high. Return to plank, then rock to your right side. Do this for an initial 30 seconds, then work it up to 60 seconds if possible.
6. The Baby Boat Pose

baby boat pose workout or baby ab workout after baby new moms

  • To do this the right way, you should balance on your tailbone on the floor and lean your torso back, with your abs pulled to your spine.
  • Lift your legs – with knees bent. Then holding your baby at the waist, gently lift him or her onto your shins.
  • Stay in this position and try to do 5 deep inhales and exhales. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat this routine 2 more times.

So there you have it, new moms. You can get back into shape and reclaim your amazing body after childbirth.

Just make sure to try out the suggested workout routines and see what works best for you.

Best of luck moms!

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