Best Fat Burning Machine for Home Use: Confidence Fitness vs Hurtle Vibration Machine

Owning a fat burning machine for home use is a great idea for those who are serious about shedding excess fat and losing weight. A vibration machine that you can use in the convenience of your own home is the ultimate ‘easy fitness’ solution if you are too busy (or too lazy) to engage in extensive work out routines or to keep up with gym sessions.

With a good fat burning machine, all you have to do is just stand on the vibration platform (or do some light exercises while standing on it), while the machine vibrates all the unwanted fat off your body.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with a well-built and feature-packed fat burning machine for home use, you can achieve amazing weight loss results without investing up to half of the time and effort you would in regular gym workouts or fitness routines.

If you have excessive body fat or more weight than you’d like, your busy lifestyle or dread of the time and energy requirements of gym workouts and exercises might prevent you from achieving your dream body weight.

One of the best ways to avoid this is to consider getting a fat burning machine for home use, as this vibrating machine can do wonders for your body and overall health.

However, now that you know you need one, you might wonder how to choose the best fat burning machine for you. To be sure, not all fat burning machines are the same; some are more sophisticated and more effective at burning fat than others.

In this article, we do a succinct review of two of the best fat burning vibrating machines for home use on Amazon right now, to help you make a good decision on which vibration platform is best for your fat burning and weight loss needs. But first, let’s help you understand how fat burning machines work.

How a Fat Burning Machine Works

The mechanism of action of fat burning machines is surprisingly simple. A fat burning machine vibrates at a certain level of speed that is fast enough to make your body vibrate without losing balance.

The idea is not merely to vibrate your body for the thrill of it, but to force your body into making repeated adjustments in order to retain control and balance.

This process engages every muscle in your body to make instinctive adjustments via reflexive contraction and expansion, thus producing a very powerful workout effect that ultimately fills you with energy and burns fat.

The intensity of muscle engagement and workout effect from using the fat burning vibrating machine generally depends on the setting you choose.

For example, a setting of 15 vibrations per second (15 hertz) on the vibration machine will expand and contract your muscles approximately 450 times during just 15 seconds of standing on the machine. This can be increased gradually to produce more intense sessions as you become more accustomed to the workout.

While the primary use of a fat burning machine, as the name suggests, is to burn fat and shed excess body weight, it also has numerous health benefits that enhance your overall health.

Regular use of a fat burning machine triggers biological and physiological processes which also help boost blood circulation throughout the body (which is great for your heart health), relieve lower back pain, enhance bone density, relief stress and anxiety, and improve concentration and attention in both normal people and people with ADHD.

Some fat burning machines have very simple vibration platforms that sit on four sturdy legs, while other fat burning machines are more sophisticated – with fixed handlebars and advanced control panels that allow you to track your progress while using the machine.

Unsurprisingly, the more deluxe fat burning vibrating machines produce faster and track-able weight loss and fitness results than the simple ones.

Recommended Best Fat Burning Machine For Home Use

Having researched numerous vibration machine options on Amazon and tried out a couple, we have no doubt that the contest for the best fat burning machine for home use currently available is between Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine and Hurtle Standing Vibration Platform Exercise Machine.

These two fat burning machines are great for their sophistication and effectiveness as well as for their durability and the range of useful features they come with.

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Machine is one of the best-selling fat burning machines right now, and for good reason.

With its extremely quiet operation and sturdiness (it can support people weighing up to 300 pounds), the Confidence Fitness machine is built like a tank – with the sole purpose of blasting away as much fat as it can from your body.

Key features of the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Machine include a user-friendly display console that makes it super easy to navigate its settings menu, and yoga straps fitted into the vibration plate (to enhance its ability to work on the arms and upper body).

It also features a built-in  HRT monitor – for tracking your heart rate when holding the handles.  See the product listing on Amazon to get more details about the technical specifications of this great fat burning machine.

Hurtle Standing Vibration Platform Exercise Machine is another powerful contender for the best fat burning machine for home use.

Optimized for full body fitness training, this vibration machine is fitted with a digital LCD display and adjustable settings that allow you to take control of the pace and intensity of your workout sessions.

This way, you can achieve your fat burning and weight loss goals according your preferred timelines.

Key features of the Hurtle Standing Vibration Platform Exercise Machine include adjustable time and speed settings, dynamic oscillating motion (which takes cues from your motions on the platform to produce appropriate degrees of vibration intensity), rubber base foot pad to enhance comfort during training sessions, and convenient base wheels for easy setup and storage.

Which Vibration Machine is the Best?

The Confidence Fitness and Hurtle vibration platforms are both excellent fat burning machines for home use, and can both deliver unbelievable weight loss, fat burning, and whole body fitness results with consistent use.

Therefore, the decision on which of these machines to buy should not be a difficult one as any of them would work fine for you.

However, we think the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Machine is a slightly more advanced and feature packed fat burning machine for home use.

If you are confused about which of these two exercise machines to buy, then we recommend settling for Confidence Fitness.

Regardless of the choice you ultimately make, remember to follow the usage instructions in order to satisfy all health and safety requirements and ensure that the machine delivers the expected results.

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