Best Natural Fibroids Treatment (Powerful Herbs and Vitamins to Prevent Fibroids)

Fibroids is one word that strikes fear into the hearts of many women. This fear is even more justified if you consider statistics which estimate that up to 75 percent of women would experience some degree of fibroids at some point in their lives. This potentially deadly condition interferes with a woman’s reproductive system by altering the shape and size of the uterus and causing abdominal pain and heavy bleeding which altogether increase chances of pregnancy complications While surgeries and medications are common frontline fibroids treatment options, more women are looking for effective natural fibroids treatment to help them prevent fibroids or treat its already manifesting symptoms with natural herbs and vitamins.

The advantage of using natural herbs and vitamins for fibroids treatment is that it can help restore the reproductive system to its original healthy and fertile state without causing other potentially harmful side effect. Besides, as you already suspect, surgeries can go wrong if you fall into the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, and any mistakes during the process might have deadly consequences for your reproductive system.

This makes natural preventative and curative solutions for fibroids an attractive option for you to consider if you’re a woman looking to prevent the possibility of developing fibroids or treating its existing symptoms. In this article, we will show you the immense power of three herbs (bee propolis, aloe berry nectar, and garlic) as well as two vitamins (Vitamin A and Vitamin B Complex) for the prevention and treatment of uterine fibroids

Best Herbs for Fibroids Treatment

Nature has blessed us with numerous herbs and plants from which we can extract solutions to virtually every health problem if we have the right knowledge. Thankfully, through extensive trials, experimentation, and usage for centuries, the following herbs have been established to be highly effective for fibroids treatment.

Bee Propolis For Fibroids

In case this herb sounds strange to you, it is one of the most powerful super foods in nature and you’ll be doing yourself a big favour by paying attention to its many benefits not only for fibroids treatment but for tackling a variety of health conditions.

As you rightly guessed, bee propolis is derived from bees – just like honey.  Also known as bee glue, bee propolis is produced by bees from a combination of beeswax and natural compounds collected from assorted plants and trees.  Scientific investigation of these natural compounds that make up bee propolis reveal that they number more than 300, including powerful organic substances such as amino acids, sequiterpene quinines, phenolic aldehydes, and polyphenols.

What makes bee pollen very effective for fibroids treatment is the same thing that also makes it super effective for fighting cancer. Bee propolis derives its power from its potent antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which act together to attack both cancerous and non-cancerous tumours in the body – including the tumours associated with fibroids. It also contains wound healing and anti-tumour properties which deals with the pains and bleeding associated with uterine fibroids. This mechanism of action also means that consistent use of bee propolis will help protect the uterus by prevent the development of fibroids.

Caution: Although bee propolis is very good for natural fibroids treatment, it is important to note the following cautionary information. If you have asthma, you should avoid using propolis because its chemical composition may worsen the condition depending on the asthma’s severity. Also, if you’re taking blood-thinning medicines in preparation for surgery or for other health conditions, bee propolis may increase your risk of bleeding. In this case, bee propolis should not be combined with blood-thinning medications; and if you are scheduled for surgery, then you should stop taking bee propolis two weeks before the surgery date.

Aloe Berry Nectar For Fibroids

Aloe berry nectar is a potent combination of aloe berry gel, cranberries, and pectin (derived from apples) which work together to combat fibroids by reliving pain, reducing bleeding and dealing with tumors.

Aloe Vera gel is renowned for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory powers, and it also contains a potent mixture of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These compounds work together to kill bacteria, fight fungus, heal wounds, and protect the immune and reproductive systems. The cranberries in aloe berry nectar are effective for natural fibroids treatment because they contain proanthocyanidin, which is a powerful antioxidant flavonoid that tackles tumor growth and cancer.

On the other hand, pectin contains crucial phytonutrients which prevents gallstones, fights colon cancer and regulates blood pressure (which is essential for fibroids treatment because high blood pressure increases the chance of developing fibroids).

Garlic for Fibroids

Those who know the healing powers of garlic recognize that it is one of the most miraculous herbs on earth. Indeed for fibroids treatment, garlic is not given the credit that it deserves, maybe because many women are not aware of its potency in tackling this undesirable problem of uterine fibroids. Because of its strong antioxidant, detoxifying and healing properties, Taking sufficient amounts of garlic may help shrink fibroids and relieve the accompanying pain.

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Certain natural compounds in garlic inhibit tumour growth and prevents the growth of uterine fibroids. Although fresh garlic is very good to include in your natural fibroid treatment, you may not consume enough of it to produce the desired effect. Besides, the offensive smell of fresh garlic may be a turn-off for many women who wouldn’t want garlic breath to interfere with their social interactions. The solution is to use high quality garlic supplements or supplements that combine garlic with other effective herbs and vitamins.

Best Supplement Containing Herb Combinations For Fibroid Treatment

Taking each of the recommended herbs separately might be difficult for most women. Thankfully, there is an excellent supplement that combines bee propolis, aloe vera nectar and garlic in one powerful formulation that has been widely praised for its effectively in treating fibroids naturally. It is called Forever Living Forever Berry Nectar, Bee Propolis, and Garlic Thyme Fibroid Supplement. This supplement gradually eliminates fibroids between three and six months o consistent usage, and also helps ensure that growth does not reoccur. It also tackles pelvic pressure, bloating and pains associated with fibroids.

What makes this Forever Living fibroids treatment solution particularly effective is that all three herbs (bee propolis, aloe vera nectar and garlic thyme) are formulated in very potent quantities in their organic forms, making them more likely to work for most women looking for a natural solution for fibroids.

To Buy the Forever Living Forever Berry Nectar, Bee Propolis, and Garlic Thyme Fibroid Supplement online on Jumia (if you’re in Nigeria), CLICK HERE.

Best Vitamins for Fibroids Treatment

Many women do not realize that certain vitamins are super effective for treating fibroids naturally because of how they can help restrict tumour growth and fibroid bleeding. Two of the most powerful vitamins for fibroid treatment are Vitamin A and Vitamin B Complex, both of which tackle fibroids in different ways.

Vitamin A for Fibroids

Vitamin A, also known as Beta Carotene (the primary compound from which it is derived) is crucial for fibroids treatment mainly because of its potency in repairing body tissues and stimulating tissue renewal, which is super helpful for tackling fibroids. If you have vitamin A deficiency, your risk of developing fibroids is higher than otherwise, just as your chances of successfully treating fibroids may be lower.

Besides, experts have noted that fibroids are characterized by impaired antioxidant cellular system. Vitamin A is known to help regulate the body’s antioxidant cellular system, thus making it a very useful natural fibroids treatment. One of the best Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) supplements available is the Swanson Beta-Carotene. Click HERE to buy the Swanson Vitamin A Supplement online on Jumia (If you’re in Nigeria).

Vitamin B Complex for Fibroids

Vitamin B Complex is a combination of several powerful B Vitamins which are known for their health boosting properties. How Vitamin B Complex tackles fibroids is linked to liver function which, unknown to many, has a lot to do with the development of fibroids.

Liver congestion and other liver issues usually increase levels of circulating estrogen especially in women, which worsens the growth of fibroids. Vitamin B Complex is excellent for preventing or reversing fibroid growth caused by liver problems by supporting the liver to regulating estrogen circulation and normalizing estrogen levels.  Although different formulations of Vitamin B Complex, the types that are most effective for tackling Fibroids associated with liver problems are high potency Vitamin B Complex fortified with at least Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12.

We’re not talking about the tiny yellow Vitamin B Complex tablets offered in transparent sachets in some hospitals or pharmacies, but the top grade Vitamin B Complex supplements with a higher concentration of the required vitamins (at least 100mg capsules or tablets). An example of a high grade and potent Vitamin B Complex supplement is the GNLD C Vitamin B Complex. Click HERE to buy it online on Jumia if you’re in Nigeria

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