Cordyceps and Its Numerous Wonderful Health Benefits

Many people in Nigeria and across the world battle with health challenges that are possible to prevent or manage with effective natural solutions. With the right knowledge of the appropriate natural supplements, so many health complications can be avoided or cured, helping millions of people save huge amounts of money spent  treating one sickness or the other with orthodox prescription  drugs.

One of the little known gifts of Mother Nature that can solve a multitude of health problems for Nigerians is a medicinal mushroom called cordyceps. For those who have never heard about it, cordyceps refers to a highly potent and beneficial category of fungi that has been traditionally used in global herbal medicine for centuries.

Wild Cordyceps in Its Natural Form

As news of its effectiveness and almost miraculous power spread, it became more difficult to harvest and more costly to procure. Although wild cordyceps mushrooms are rare and quite expensive today, some of the biggest and most reputable health companies have been able to consistently produce it in commercial quantities, for the benefit of millions of people worldwide.

Cordyceps is used to support the immune system, act as an anti-viral agent, help control blood sugar and protect liver and kidney health. Some of the most interesting health benefits of cordyceps include its ability to improve respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, boost heart health, detoxify the body, prevent certain types of cancer, slow the aging process, increases energy, and improves the immune system.

Amazing Benefits of Cordyceps

Improved Immune system – Cordyceps is commonly used to boost the immune system and make people stronger. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that cordyceps increases the white blood cell count and thus protects the body against viruses and bacteria that cause illnesses. The elderly in Chinese society also use it as a form of ‘super ginseng’ to improve their stamina and health.

Better physical performance – In the context of the Chinese athletes in the Olympics, cordyceps was used to improve their performance and to build up muscle. The results of their performance were there for the whole world to see. Cordyceps helped these sports people by increasing their stamina and energy levels and is now a popular supplement in the sports community.

Cures Erectile Dysfunction, Boosts Libido & Improves Fertility – Here’s good news for Nigerian men who think they need Viagra or other local sex stimulants which have terrible side effects. Cordyceps stimulates the production of sex hormones in men and improves sexual function as a result. By its mechanism of action, it is a quick and natural testosterone multiplier, and makes sure that men can carry out satisfactory sexual function whenever ‘duty’ calls. It also improves sperm motility, thereby improving male fertility and boosting men’s ability to impregnate a woman. Furthermore, regular intake of cordyceps has also been found to improve female fertility. which makes it a very important supplement for couples ready to make babies.

Anti-aging functions – Cordyceps has plenty of antioxidants which prevent the free radicals from oxidizing the cells and thus prevent aging. Also interesting to note is that the composition of cordyceps essentially regenerates  gene clusters and reverses the effects of aging. For young to middle aged individuals, cordyceps helps relieve stress hormones which accelerate rapid aging, thus prolonging youth and vitality. For older patients, cordyceps is a powerful supplement to keep their minds fresh and their bodies strong enough to participate in daily tasks.

Reducing fatigue – Another amazing function of cordyceps is that it soothes the nervous system and promotes sleep so that people can feel refreshed. It lowers anxiety levels and helps you feel at ease.

Respiratory functions – Cordyceps is an anti-inflammatory substance and can relax the bronchial walls. This makes it a great option for preventing coughs and other respiratory diseases.

Boosting organ performance – Cordyceps ensures that the blood flow to organs such as the liver and kidneys is increased, thereby making them perform better. Due to this, these organs are able to fight diseases better by keeping chronic kidney disease and hepatitis at bay.

Side Effects

Cordyceps are generally well tolerated by humans. However, some side effects may include diarrhea, dry mouth and mild stomach upset. These side effects are often temporary and not serious enough to cause health complications.

Furthermore, pregnant women and nursing mothers should exercise caution with Cordyceps, as research is still ongoing about its possible consequences for this category of users.

Recommended Cordyceps Supplement

Two of the best cordyceps supplements currently in production are the NOW Foods Cordyceps and Longrich Cordyceps. They are slightly more expensive than other alternatives,  but that’s because they have a very high and potent concentration of the extracts, and are therefore more likely to generate the powerful health enhancing effects of cordyceps.

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