Fake Mattresses Are More Dangerous Than You Think; Here’s How to Buy Originals

Most people may not realise it, but you should never simply walk into a shop in the market, ask to buy ‘xyz’ brand of mattress, pay, and cart it off to your house. You must always be certain that the mattress is original and procured from a trustworthy source; otherwise you may essentially use your own money to buy a fake mattress –  and cause serious problems for yourself.

Apart from the obvious risk of shortchanging yourself by buying a fake mattress, you also face the bigger and potentially harmful risk of causing health problems for yourself in the long run.

In case you did not know, the quality of mattress you sleep on plays a massive role on your ability to sleep well at night, and sleeping well at night is in itself an important way to prevent health hazards related to stress, back pain, neck pain, and joint pain.

Simply put, buying a fake mattress will significantly worsen your chances of suffering back, neck, and joint pains overtime. If these pains continue unchecked for a prolonged period, you may likely develop symptoms associated with fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

The implications of these health threatening conditions are numerous, and it is better to avoid them altogether by ensuring that you sleep on an original and high quality mattress. Unfortunately, identifying an authentic mattress is not as simple as looking out for its tag to see a certain popular brand. You must look beyond the tag to be sure that you are buying the kind of mattress that would enhance your health rather than diminish it.

Identifying an Authentic and High Quality Mattress

One of the most basic ways to differentiate between fake mattresses and authentic ones is to assess the firmness level and weight. Fake mattresses are usually lighter and relatively easier to depress, whereas authentic mattresses and original brand forms are generally heavier, harder to depress and take much longer to recover if pushed in.

The latter point is particularly important to note, as many people expect that foams’ ability to quickly recover after being pressed in is an indicator of quality. While this may be the case for pillows and cushions, it does not apply for bed mattresses.

How to be Sure You’re Buying Original 

Although you can reasonably ascertain the quality of a mattress using the above tip, it is likely that you may not have the time or the patience to go through all that stress when you are ready to purchase a mattress. For this reason, perhaps the most stress-free and reliable way to buy an authentic and health-enhancing mattress is to buy a dependable brand FROM a dependable vendor/seller.

Mind you, buying a popular brand mattress (such as Vitafoam or Mouka Foam,  for example)  from the open market is not a good idea, as the sellers often mix fake and original products in order to confuse and rip off buyers. You should never go to an open market or un-trusted dealer to buy mattresses in Nigeria, unless you are very experienced and can easily differentiate between authentic and counterfeit products.

Recommended Purchase Option

In this age of the Internet and online shopping, making the right buying decisions can be both easy and difficult depending on whether you make informed purchase decisions or not. Thankfully, this review has done much of the hard work for you, and we can recommend the Vitafoam Grand Mattress Series as the benchmark of mattress quality if you are looking for where to buy original mattresses in Nigeria.

This is only a benchmark, as you can see variants of this product (different sizes and types – including orthopedic mattresses – depending on your preference) to suit your needs and budget. What is guaranteed is that the mattress you purchase from this source is 100 percent authentic, so you can sleep comfortably with both eyes closed. After all,   as you buy your bed,  so shall you lie on it.

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