If you are in Abuja and you need a decent place to savour a delicious meal of amala and ewedu with gbegiri, then I would suggest you try Stodiez Gardens along Tafawa Balewa Way in Garki 2, Abuja. Although there are some other places you can eat amala in Abuja, Stodiez Garden is my top choice for a couple of reasons. In addition to the great taste of the amala and ewedu itself, I particularly like the very comfortable ‘garden feel’ of the place, which allows you sit and relax while the waiters take your order without stress. After devouring one wrap of amala and two pieces of goat meat, I didn’t feel too much of a hurry to leave the place, so I ordered a bottle of beer to relax a bit and observe the beautiful revellers of Abuja hanging out in the cool surroundings of the garden. If you can find somewhere comfortable enough to eat great tasting amala and also drink beer and hang out generally, then that’s clearly a winner for someone like me.

One great thing about Stodiez Garden is that it picks up quite early, unlike many Abuja gardens that only come alive at night. Even as early as 12.pm any day of the week, the chairs are already set, and you would find polite waiters on hand to take your order. Besides, the garden lacks the characteristically rowdy setting of typical amala joints, and you do not have to scramble to have your meal served. What’s more, for the quality and comfort, the prices are quite reasonable (by Abuja standards). A fairly large piece of goat meat (ogufe) costs N300, while a large wrap of amala costs N200. If amala is not your thing, there’s also a raft of alternatives on the menu – ranging from fish and chips to all kinds of pepper soups, nkwobi, asun, and so on.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and feel free to drop a comment on your experience.

In case you’re finding it difficult to locate Stodiez Garden, note that there’s a car wash right in front of the entrance, and it is close to the popular Blake’s Resort in Garki 2.

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