How to Get Pink Lips – Best Pink Lips Cream and Balm

Pink lips are incredibly attractive. Regardless of your complexion, having pink lips can accentuate your beauty and give you a look of class and distinction – coupled with a great deal of comeliness, seductiveness and sex appeal that is difficult to resist.  In addition to your other physical assets, pink lips are a big boost to your overall beauty.

Unfortunately, only very few people are naturally blessed with pink lips. But who says if you weren’t born with pink lips then there’s nothing you can do about it?  There is something you can do about it, and we will tell you exactly how to get pink lips with a super effective pink lips cream if you continue reading.

For image-conscious women and men of beauty and style, there’s nothing worse than dry, dark-patched, crackly and discolored lips that look rough and feel like sandpaper.

We understand how frustrating this problems is, that’s why in this article, we explain how you can get pink lips – pinkify your lips with a product that contains natural ingredients that not only brightens the colour of your lips, but also softens and moisturizes the lips, removes cracks, and lends a glossy shininess to your lips.

But first, let’s begin by finding out why your lips aren’t pink and why others are – and then you’ll learn how to get pink lips.

Causes of Black Lips and Unhealthy Looking Lips

Although different genetic factors combine to determine the complexion of your skin – and your lips, excessively dark black lips is often not what nature planned for anyone. More often than not, when your lips has become too dark in colour, too dry and scaly, and generally too rough and unhealthy looking, the cause can be traced to certain lifestyle and environmental factors that deprive you of pink lips.

Some of the main lifestyle factors that can badly affect the colour, looks and feel of your lips include bad habits such as chain smoking, taking too much caffeine (such as coffee and similar beverages), and exposing your face to the harmful effects of too much sunlight and pollution. In addition. stress and putting too much pressure on yourself can trigger hormonal imbalances that hurt your lips, just as dehydration (not drinking enough water) and health problems such as anaemia (deficiency of red blood cells) can deprive you of pink lips.

Not properly removing or washing off make up at night, failing to wash greasy dirt and residue on your lips, and using cheap or expired lipsticks, low quality lip balm and other lip ointments on your lips are also major causes of darkened lips and poor lip health generally. These factors often lead to a build-up of dead skin flakes and residue on your lips, thus undermining the texture and complexion of your lips and prevents you from having pink lips.

What Makes Someone’s Lips Pink?

As we have already mentioned some of the factors that can make your lips dark and unhealthy, avoiding these things can go a long way to improve the complexion and general texture of your lips.

However, pink lips can also be attributed to the biological action of some very important natural elements – especially something known as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and a super important organic pigment known as Beta-Carotene (or B-Carotene). Some people have these natural compounds in their bodies more abundantly than others, which is a major determinant of their bright pink lips.

The more vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Beta-Carotene your body gets and absorbs, the more likely that the resulting bright-coloured orangey-reddish-pinkish pigments from these compounds would find their way to your lips – thus giving you pink lips.

The complex biological processes within our bodies operate differently, which means that some people naturally get and absorb enough of these compounds while other people do not. This is something that begins to manifest even before birth – while in your mother’s womb, and continues to evolve all through adolescence and early adulthood. This goes a long way in determining how pink your lips will be.

You can gradually develop pink lips naturally by packing your daily diet with lots of citrus fruits (tangerine, oranges, pineapples, etc.), vegetables and supplements rich in these powerful vitamins and B-Carotene.

Asides getting pink lips, a diet rich in these vitamins and nutrients would improve your skin texture, radiance and health generally. Nonetheless, if pink lips is what you want, be prepared to be very patient when using this method – because results would come slowly.

How to Get Pink Lips with Toothbrush and Tooth Paste Exfoliation

In addition to maintaining healthy lifestyle choices, and regularly consuming important fruits, vegetables and supplements with the required vitamins and minerals, one of the effective natural ways to get pink lips is to exfoliate your lips daily with toothbrush when brushing your teeth.

What do we mean by exfoliating your lips? As was earlier mentioned, dirt, greasy residue and all kinds of external materials can deposit and congeal in your lips courtesy of accumulated makeup, diet and other factors. This discolours your lips and make your lips black.

The way to get rid of this accumulation of dirt and residue is to brush it off using a soft toothbrush and a good toothpaste like Colgate. Here’s the best way to do this: Dampen your toothbrush (make it slightly wet), apply a small amount of toothpaste, and then gently and slowly rub it across your upper and lower lips in circular motions.

Doing this regularly will exfoliate the lips by gradually scraping of dead skin cells and dirt residue, and also stimulate greater blood flow to your lips. The result is that you would gradually develop softer, smoother and of course pinker lips.

How to Get Pink Lips Quickly With Pink Lips Cream

As far as enhancing our beauty and attractiveness goes, not many of us are patient enough to wait for any ‘long term’ solutions. We want almost instant ‘now now’ results. So when searching for how to get pink lips, most people are more concerned about what can produce quick and effective results. Well, the simple and short answer is: pink lips cream or pink lips balm as it is alternatively known.

However, wanting to get pink lips as soon as possible shouldn’t make you settle for just any pink lips cream or balm. This is because most pink lips creams in the market today are laced with dangerous chemicals and other toxic ingredients that can do great damage to your lips if you’re not careful.

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Bear in mind that the lips are among the most delicate parts of the human body, so you must ensure that whatever cream or balm you’re applying on your lips is super safe – with no short-term or long-term side effects whatsoever.

Therefore, in sifting through the numerous pink lips creams currently available, we accorded high priority to the two key elements of safety and effectiveness. A pink lips cream with mainly natural ingredients and composition is most likely to be safer and more effective than one with synthetic compounds and harsh beaching agents.

So the pink lips cream we recommend here is one that is formulated with natural ingredients and blended in a way that pinkifies the lips quickly and safely. It is called the Jaowying Beauty Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips.

Why Jaowying Beauty Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips is the Best Pink Lips Cream

The Jaowying Beauty Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips is an amazing pink lips cream (or more accurately, a pink lips balm) for natural, fast and long lasting lip lightening. What makes it arguably the best pink lips cream is its matchless composition of plant-based extracts, beta-carotene rich ingredients, and exfoliating properties that combine to quickly and safely enhance the pigment of the lips – thus giving it a more colorful, luscious and pinkish look.

This pink lips cream is so effective that you really do not need to invest in expensive laser treatment or surgical procedures in the quest to get pink lips, as Jaowying Beauty Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips does the job without any side effects.  Upon application, the balm begins to permeate the lips and produces a fast lightening effect – and continues to lighten the lips even after washing it off.

In addition to lightening the lips, the Jaowying Beauty Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips also softens and moisturises the lips. This means that regularly applying this pink lips cream will nourish the lips and improve its texture, smoothness and overall appearance. Your lips will not only look good, but will also feel good, courtesy of the moisturising and nourishing natural components contained in this Jaowying Beauty pink lips balm.

The best part of this pink lips cream, other than its effectiveness and safety, is its amazing fruity, tropical pineapple taste – which makes it delicious to the taste unlike the synthetic and offensive taste of most other lip lightening creams and balms.

The high quality and all-natural ingredients base of this lips lightening cream is central to its effectiveness and safety. The key ingredients of the Jaowying Beauty Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips include: Pineapple concentrates, Shea butter, sativus fruit extract, alpha-arbutin, camellia seinensis oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B3 (which is particularly effective for balancing skin discoloration by promoting cell renewal).

If you’re desperate to get rid of your dark lips and get pink lips, then we suggest you try the Jaowying Beauty Pineapple Lightening Lip treatment for Dark Lips to see how it works for you. This comes highly recommended, and we assure you that you can have high hopes on this one.

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