How to Permanently Prevent Sweating in the Armpits

Excessive sweating is an embarrassing problem for many people, but the embarrassment gets much worse when it occurs in the armpits. In addition to the body odor and poor personal hygiene implications of heavy underarm sweating, the ugly and highly visible sweat marks on your clothes caused by sweating in the armpits can make you look somewhat unkempt and awkward. This explains why millions of people desperately look for ways to prevent sweating in armpits, although most commercially available products fail to solve the problem.

Most people habitually use deodorants and standard roll-on or spray antiperspirants to prevent sweating in armpits – only to find out, with utter disappointment, that these products simply do not work, in spite of the typically false claims of “24 hours protection” or ’48 hours protection’ inscribed on the bottles.

In addition to not preventing excessive sweating in armpits, these standard deodorant products often produce the annoying aftereffect of yellow stains on the underarm area of your clothes. As if the actual sweat stains on your shirt is not embarrassing enough, you would also have to contend with the even more annoying yellowish deodorant stains; a double whammy situation that leaves heavy sweaters resigned to their fate and perpetually anxious whenever they have to wear light colored clothes.

Having tried all the popular brands of deodorant without achieving the desired results, all hopes would seem lost. But that’s only because many people with heavy underarm sweating lack the life-saving information about the products that will stop this problem for good.

The Ultimate Solutions to Help Prevent Sweating in Armpits

If you have tried everything possible to stop sweating in the armpits and yet the problem persists, then consider yourself lucky for reading this. Any one of the following products will likely solve your excessive underarm sweating problem – effectively preventing heavy sweating in the armpits without staining your clothes. What makes these special purpose antiperspirants different is that they contain significantly higher amounts of aluminum chloride hexahydrate than the regular deodorants.

Aluminum chloride hexahydrate performs the highly specialized task of conditioning the cells that produce underarm sweat, thereby regulating and normalizing sweat generation – which makes it arguably the most powerful remedy for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Without further ado, check out the following three special anti-perspirants to finally end your embarrassing underarm sweating problem and completely stop sweating in armpits.

1. Certain Dri

Certain Dri has long been a frontline prescription anti-perspirant for individuals with persistently sweaty armpits, as it does a great job of neutralizing underarm sweatiness – with its effects lasting for as many as three to four days. It is so effective in stopping unwanted sweat that some people apply it in other areas, such as sweaty palms for example, with astonishingly good results. You only need to apply the product at night before bed, and wash it off the next morning for you to enjoy dry underarms for the next couple of days. Yes, you read that right. This is not the regular ‘leave on’ deodorant. You must wash it off in the morning after rubbing it on your armpits the previous night. Not to worry though, as washing it off (and taking subsequent baths) would not wear off its efficacy for at least three days. It is pure magic.

2. Driclor

Driclor is another unbelievably effective special-purpose antiperspirant, although it is even stronger than Certain Dri in terms of its aluminum chloride concentration. Driclor’s mechanism of action is very similar to Certain Dri, as it also has to be applied in the night before sleep and washed off the following morning.

However, it is important to apply it with moderation, as applying excessive amounts of it on your armpits can cause temporary irritation due to its strength. Other than this, it is a stronger product meant for people with the most chronic underarm sweating. This is guaranteed to stop any kind of excessive sweating in the underarms, no matter how stubborn.

3. SweatBlock

SweatBlock is also a very powerful special kind of antiperspirant, albeit with a slightly different touch. Unlike Certain Dri and Driclor, SweatBlock is packaged in the form of disposable wipes, which means that its usefulness is not limited to preventing sweating in armpits alone. It can be used to prevent sweating in almost any part of the body that is prone to heavy sweating, such as the hands, forehead, and neck.

Although SweatBlock’s formulation is not as strong as Driclor, it is still much stronger than the regular deodorants, and will prevent excessive sweating in armpits for most people. And to make this product even more appealing for those with persistent sweating problem, SweatBlock has the incredible ability to continue preventing excessive sweat in the body regions you applied it for up to one week – if used cumulatively and consistently for about 5 – 6 days prior. You would have to try it for yourself to believe it.

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    1. Dove roll on is pretty useless for anyone with sweaty armpits, and same applies for similar brands such as Nivea and Sure. You’ll have to consider any of the product options discussed in the article in order to solve the sweaty armpits problem.

        1. It depends on the city in which you live in Nigeria. If you’re in Lagos or Abuja, you might find it in the very big and swanky department stores (e.g. SPAR, H-Medix, etc.). Otherwise, you could try buying it from Amazon and shipping directly to your address in Nigeria for a few extra bucks.

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