Kava is a Powerful Natural Cure For Anxiety

Millions of people across the world suffering from anxiety disorders desperately seek a natural cure for anxiety because of the devastating effect of the condition on their quality of life. The manifestations of anxiety range from social awkwardness and clumsiness to uncontrollable apprehension, excessive perspiration, and general inability to maintain normal interactions or participate in normal activities.

The effect of anxiety on relationships and on sexual health is also alarming, as anxiety is a leading cause of sexual performance problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation (PE). Clearly, anxiety wreaks more havoc on lives and relationships than we think, and the problem is a colossal one. Consequently, affected people spend billions of dollars annually in search of medical solutions – often without success. This is why finding a natural cure for anxiety is a priority for many people experiencing this problem

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from anxiety do not realize that they can manage or even cure it with inexpensive natural solutions. Instead,  they resign themselves to this condition and accept anxiety as a burden they must live with or as part of their personality, thus depriving themselves of the amazing social opportunities that would have made their lives more fulfilling and worthwhile.

Introducing the Miraculous Plant Called Kava Kava (Best Natural Cure For Anxiety)

Kava Kava is one of the best kept secrets in the global medical field. With increased knowledge and use of kava, the medical and pharmacological industry could potentially lose billions of dollars in annual revenues finagled from desperate anxiety patients worldwide through often ineffective orthodox medical interventions. The kava plant is mainly found in the South Pacific Islands. Its active ingredients are called kavalactones (kavapyrones), which have been extensively researched and scientifically proven to be effective in reducing feelings of anxiety and promoting sleep.

How to Use Kava Kava For Anxiety Treatment 

Because of its extremely potent calming effect, kava has been used for centuries to treat different types of anxiety including Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD), and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Furthermore, kava is highly effective in soothing menopausal mood swings in women, and treating different forms of stress, restlessness and insomnia. Kava is commercially available in supplement form, typically as capsules, tablets, dried powder and packaged tea.

Kava cures anxiety through diverse mechanisms of action. In individuals with generalized anxiety disorder, kava reduces anxiety by regulating vagal heart tone, which refers to the all-important nerve that tells the brain what’s going on in one’s organs. The vagal tone is so important for anxiety disorder management because of its crucial role in the overall parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for calming our organs after the “fight-or-flight” adrenaline response to stimuli. Kava is arguably one of the most powerful natural ways to modulate the vagal tone, which explains its immense power in treating anxiety and stress.

How Kava works for anxiety treatment also involves using its bioactive constituent known as alpha-pyrones to effect serotonin blockade in the amygdala. In this way, kava interferes with norepinephrine reuptake, thereby modulating anxiety.

What makes kava even more attractive as a front-line natural cure for anxiety and stress is the fact that it is not addictive and does not cause serious side effects unlike typical anxiety treatment drugs.

Kava Usage Instructions &  Caution

Being a natural medicinal plant, kava is generally well tolerated in the body. When used in supplement form (capsules), it is recommended to take about 200mg – 300mg either in a single dose or divided into two doses. Since kava induces sleep, it is better to take it in one dose at night, so that its effects would kick in while you sleep, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Although kava does not have serious side effects, it is important to avoid combining it with antidepressants and other orthodox anxiety prescription drugs, as the resultant interactions may have adverse effects. Furthermore, kava intake is not advised for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The wonderful effects of kava as a natural cure for anxiety can be noticed relatively quickly. Usually, after a week or two of consistent kava use, you would begin to feel considerably less anxious, less panicky, less stressed, and better able to sleep well.

Best Kava Supplement for Anxiety and  Stress

There are many Kava extract supplements, but some of them are more concentrated and better prepared than others. This means that some are more effective than others for treating anxiety and stress. To help you choose wisely and derive the desired results, it is recommended that you get the NOW Kava Kava 250mg supplement brand. It comes with 120 veg capsules, fortified with magnesium stearate and cellulose powder for extra efficacy. You can buy it online on Amazon (click on above product image).

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