Prevent Bumps By Shaving With Royal Crown or Magic Shaving Powder

For most Nigerian men and black men in general, shaving bumps pose a serious problem and a big dent on their self-image. This comes from having to shave with razors – including shaving sticks and clippers, which put great strain on the facial hair follicles and causes skin irritation.

The consequence is a face that feels and looks worse than a peeled chicken. Many guys have tried all kinds of after shave and bump control solutions – to no avail. Therefore, how to clear shaving bumps on the face, and particularly how to prevent shaving bumps has remained a cause of great concern for numerous men in this part of the world.

Battle With Stubborn Shaving Bumps

No one understands the frustrations of shaving bumps more than me, having battled with this nasty problem for years. For at least a decade, I have been using electric clippers to shave, as I thought that was the most effective way to keep bumps under control at least.

Throughout this period, I have had to live with recurring bump outbreaks on my cheeks and upper neck region in spite of regular use of aftershave lotions and creams such as Neo Medrol.

At some points I tried my hands on hair removal creams and electric shavers. These proved to be terrible mistakes, as they caused the worst shaving bump outbreaks I have ever suffered. I subsequently returned to using clippers and accepted mild bumps to be permanent features of my appearance…

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Until I accidentally discovered a range of shaving powders which have been nothing short of miraculous.

Magic Shaving Powder and Royal Crown Shaving Powder to the Rescue

Gentlemen, the Magic Shaving Powder (Extra Strength) and Royal Crown Shaving Powder (Full Strength) pictured above have impacted my life in no small way, and I’m not exaggerating. I first tried the Magic shaving powder and was stunned at how it simply dissolved my facial hair within minutes of applying it and left my face silky smooth.

I must confess that I was scared stiff about the possibility of developing crazy shaving bumps the next day (as I experienced with hair removal creams). However, the next day came, and the day after, yet no bumps! After about a week of using the product, the remnants of my bumps from the electric clipper era disappeared altogether, unleashing a new facial image of myself that I am still too astonished to identify with.

Although I was very pleased with the effectiveness of Magic Shaving Powder, I found the smell to be quite strong – though that isn’t really a big deal (after all, it is fantastic trade-off for those irritating facial bumps).

However, after little research, I discovered a similar product called Royal Crown Depilatory Shaving Powder which works even better than Magic Shaving Powder, and also has a more pleasant smell.

Comparison of Magic Shave and Royal Crown Shaving Powders

Both products work essentially the same way and are both super effective in getting rid of facial hair while also preventing shaving bumps. However, with repeated use of both products, I realized that Royal Crown shaving powder not only produces a smoother shave and removes facial hairs more thorough;y, but also has a more pleasant smell.

In fact,  if I’ll recommend or choose between these two brands,  I’ll go for Royal Crown depilatory shaving powder,  as it does appear to be more effective in removing stubborn facial hairs,  without causing shaving bumps. and without nauseating you.

If this worked for someone like me with incredibly coarse, in-growth prone facial hair and a long history of persistently stubborn shaving bumps, then I’m convinced that it should work for most Nigerian men. You shouldn’t take my word for it. Just head to a nearby supermarket or department store (or buy online) and ask for either Magic Shaving Powder or Royal Crown Shaving Powder.

Note that there seems to be different variants of varying strength. I recommend the extra strength and full strength variants for both products respectively (both with shades of red on the product container). The retail price for both products is between N1200 and N1500 depending on your location, so it is somewhat affordable.

However it seems that it is difficult to find where to buy Royal Crown shaving powder in Nigeria these days,  though Magic Shaving powder is common across most supermarkets in Nigeria.

Thankfully for those in the United States,  Canada or Europe,  the Royal Crown Shaving Powder is readily available online on Amazon (see product link below). 

If you’re a Nigerian man (or a black man of any nationality for that matter) facing challenges with shaving bumps and ingrown hair, then you need to look for either of these products and see whether your struggles with shaving problems persist.

You can even buy both Royal Crown shaving powder and Magic shaving powder and use each for a week apiece, to compare the results and see which works best for you.

Make sure to carefully follow the usage instructions indicated on the products, and it is crucial to avoid using these products alongside conventional shaving razors and clippers.

If you are in Nigeria, you can buy Magic Shaving Powder online (Jumia) by clicking HERE.

5 thoughts on “Prevent Bumps By Shaving With Royal Crown or Magic Shaving Powder

    1. Magic shaving cream might be good for some people, but from my experience and from the feedback I’ve received, it’s certainly NOT effective for a lot of people.

      Its formulation is weak and crappy, and its the same with all its variants – including regular strength and extra strength.

  1. I’ll try the products, if they worked, I’ll be .deeply grateful.u have no idea what I am goin through.I have tried all kind of shaving sticks ( even imported ones) shaving creams, nd even stopped those nd bought a clipper(it gives lesser bumps than shaving sticks),watched different home remedy you tube videos.even NAIR hair removal was a BG mistake

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