Remove Stretch Marks With the Incredible Gotu Kola

The appearance of stretch marks deals a serious blow to the self-esteem of many women. From the chest region to the arms, stomach, buttocks, and thighs, unsightly stretch marks can appear on many parts of the body – leaving most women frustrated with their looks. It is therefore unsurprising that how to remove stretch marks from the skin is one of the most pressing questions on the lips of many women.

While such stretch marks are common with pregnant women and new moms, other women of all ages and conditions struggle with this skin problem, particularly women dealing with weight changes and hormonal issues.

Many dermal treatments and cosmetics exist that promise to help remove stretch marks, but unfortunately, many of them do not produce the desired results in spite of costing so much and having potentially dangerous side effects. Consequently, many women desperately seek natural solutions that will help them get rid of stretch marks permanently.

How Gotu Kola Can Help Remove Stretch Marks

Many people with stretch marks erroneously believe that it is an external problem that begins in the skin and ends in the skin. This is not correct, as stretch marks only appear due to problems beneath the surface of the skin. This means that the best solution to stretch marks is one that tackles the problem internally – from the roots rather than on the surface of the skin.

Accordingly, one of the most effective natural remedies to remove stretch marks from the inside is the miraculous and immensely powerful plant called gotu kola (botanically known as Centella Asiatica).

Due to its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers, gotu kola accelerates blood vessel and collagen growth, thereby  regenerating the skin in a way that promotes brightening and concealment of stretch marks. Gotu kola contains compounds such as Triterpenoid and saponins which not only enhance healing but also lighten the appearance of red and dark brown or black lines that come with stretch marks.

In addition, gotu kola contains highly beneficial phytochemical components such as amino acids and beta carotene which are among the most powerful natural ways to stimulate cell growth, reduce inflammation, and boost collagen production in the body.

The combined effect of these organic properties is that oral or topical use of gotu kola can significantly improve circulation, promote healing, repair veins, prevent connective tissue damage, and ultimately lighten scars and stretch marks on different parts of the skin. Accordingly, there is no doubt that gotu kola is the most effective herb and natural solution to remove stretch marks and enhance skin health.

How to Use Gotu Kola For Stretch Marks Removal

Gotu Kola is an ancient herb that grows mainly in India and parts of China, which means that it is not widely available around the world. Thankfully, it is extracted, processed and produced either in supplement form or in cosmetic form – as creams and ointments.

However, to reap the full benefits of gotu kola for stretch marks treatment and skin enhancement, it is recommended to take it orally in supplement form. This way, its active components can get to the root of the matter, so to say, by tackling the root causes of the stretch marks and regenerating your cells from the inside. This way, the positive effects can manifest more quickly and last for much longer.

One of the most effective gotu kola supplements available today is the Nature’s Way brand,  which packs pure extracts of the herb in 475mg concentration,  and has been proven to work just as well as the plant itself in its natural form.

To maximize the effects of Nature’s Way Gotu Kola,  you should take one capsule in the morning with breakfast and two capsules at night before sleep. After about 4 –  6 weeks of daily consumption,  you would begin to notice delightful changes in your skin; your stretch marks will gradually lighten up and blend nicely with your normal skin,  thus reducing the visibility and prominence of the ugly marks on your skin.

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4 thoughts on “Remove Stretch Marks With the Incredible Gotu Kola

  1. How about keloid, any remedy for it, battling with one presently, dnt wanna remove its surgically cos I read it comes back double in size.

    1. Consume lots of flaxseed supplements and use flaxseed oil to soothe the keloid topically. I’ve heard positive feedback that it helps tremendously….

      Also, have you checked your blood pressure recently? High blood pressure tends to increase your predisposition to keloid. Try to keep your blood pressure normal and then see whether this helps. I’m sure you’ll notice a significant improvement.

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