Required Documents For US Visa Application in Nigeria (Student & Work Visa)

If you’re about to apply for a US visa in Nigeria, particularly for a student visa or work visas, there are certain important documents that you are required to provide as part of the visa application process.  The documents for US visa application are many, and knowing these documents and ensuring that they are all intact will increase your chances of getting the visa and avoiding any last minute disappointment.

Depending on the nature of your visa application to the United States, you may need to provide documents relating to your family documents, travel itinerary (travel plan), travel sponsorship documents, employment and professional documents, and medical records.

Family and Personal Documents for US Visa Application

Perhaps the first set of documents you must have ready before you start the US visa application process is those related to your personal and family life. These documents include birth certificate or attestation of birth, marriage certificate or single certificate, adoption certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate of a spouse or significant other, and close family photos (e.g. wedding photographs if applicable, as further proof of status).

These documents must be authentic and the information in them must be consistent and accurate, as the embassy meticulously looks at them in order to determine your eligibility for a US visa.

Travel Itinerary (or Travel Plan)

The group of documents related to your travel itinerary or travel plan are those that indicate your routes and what you intend to do when you get to the US.

These documents include flight reservation, proposed date of entry and exit, and proof of accommodation (whether you would be staying in a hostel, hotel, in a relative’s house, etc.). If you have these documents solid and intact, it will help prove that you have genuine intentions and that you are eligible for an entry visa into the United States.

Travel Sponsorship Documents

If your application for a US visa is sponsored by another person especially one who is resident in the United States, then you need to present travel sponsorship documents that provide evidence of your claims.

The main documents in this travel sponsorship category include letter or affidavit of financial support (showing that your sponsor if financially capable of supporting you during your time in the US), bank letter (showing when your account was opened, your current account balance, and financial transaction history), and employment letter and recent payslips of your travel sponsor.

Employment and Professional Documents

If you are employed in Nigeria, you will need to provide a letter from your organisation that contains details of your current official position, wages, employment duration (how long you’ve been employed), and purpose of visit to the United States.

On the other hand, if you have your own business or you’re self-employed, it is essential to provide documents such as your business name incorporation certificate, income statement, and tax payment.

Medical Record Documents

If you’re interested in getting a US visa, it is compulsory to let them know your state of health by supplying documents related to this.  The way to do this is to schedule a medical appointment with any of the hospitals authorized for this purpose by the US Embassy in Nigeria.

There are lots of hospitals for this in the major cities especially Lagos and Abuja, including St Nicholas Hospital, Lagoon Hospital, and Reddington Hospital. The medical reports issued by these embassy-approved physicians is what you will present as part of the visa application process.

Specific Documents for US Study Visa Application

If you wish to apply for student or exchange visa to the US, then you would be required by the consular office to provide documents such as proof of admission (to show that a school in the US has given you admission).

Bear in mind that in the case of US student exchange visa, the school that offered you admission in the US must be under the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). This means that another document you will need to provide is proof of payment of what is known as SEVIS I-901 fee (separate from the standard visa fee) when you appear for the interview.

Specific Documents for US Work Visa Application

Regardless of whether you’re applying for a temporary or permanent US work visa, some of the important documents you should have ready include proof of qualification (including necessary academic credentials and certifications), job offer letter by a legitimate US employer, letter from your previous employers, your current CV, and documentary proof of any special skills and abilities (to show how you would add value to your US employer).

Bottom Line About Documents for US Visa Application

No matter what type of visa you’re applying for or your purpose of travel to the US, there is no doubt that you can’t afford to gamble with your chances by skipping any important document.

Make sure you research widely and ask questions in case you might need to present additional documents to authenticate your claims or validate any special points or unique elements in your visa application.

The bottom line is that having complete and authentic documents will certainly boost your chances of getting the visa, so you should never take chances in this aspect of the application.

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