The Big Deal About Andrea Hair Growth Essence: Best Hair Growth Serum?

Andrea Hair Growth Essence oil is quite popular in the hair products market today. Many users claim that it works well for as an effective unisex solution to tackle hair loss, hair thinning, slow hair growth and baldness for both men and women. And on top of this, it is also considered very affordable –as it costs less than similar hair growth products.

But beyond the hype and the general claims, how reliable is Andrea Hair Growth oil really? What are its ingredients and how does it work? Should you buy this product or consider other alternatives for your hair growth needs?

This no-nonsense review of Andrea Hair Growth Essence addresses these questions and much more, and tells you all you need to know about this product.

How Andrea Hair Growth Formula Works: Ingredients and Mechanism of Action

The claimed effectiveness of Andrea Hair Growth Essence Solution is tied to its active ingredients, composition and unique formulation, which is the source of its restorative action for thinning or bald hair. The main ingredients of Andrea hair growth oil include: Ginseng, ginger, grape seed oil, and fleece flower root.

Each of these ingredients have proven hair growth benefit, which possibly explain why they work very well together in the Andrea formulation.

Ginger contains a potent mixture of magnesium, phosphorous,potassium and vitamins that stimulate and purify hair follicles in the scalp,prevent clogging, tackle dryness and improve blood circulation throughout the scalp, thus promoting hair growth. Ginseng contains powerful herbal constituents that increase dermal cells on the scalp, thereby strengthening hair follicles and roots.

Grape seed oil is loaded with vitamin E and a natural compound known as linoleic acid, both of which are powerful stimulants of hair growth and they are responsible for the moisturizing and hair conditioning effect of Andrea Hair Growth Serum. Grape seed oil also helps to darken the hair, giving it a rich, vibrancy that brings out your natural hair colour.

Lastly, Fleeceflower root is a powerful herb associated with the Polygonum multiforum Thumb, which is primarily effective for tackling blood deficiency. Since hair loss is often caused by poor blood flow and defective circulation in the scalp, fleeceflower root is good for promoting sufficiency of blood in the scalp, thereby stimulating better hair growth and preventing hair breakage.

The combination of these four active ingredients is what gives Andrea Hair Growth Solution its potency for growing hair on the head and beards.

How to Use Andrea Hair Growth Essence For Best Results

If you’re looking for best results when using Andrea Hair Growth essence for beards or for your head hair, the key lies in using the product the right way. Yes, there is indeed a ‘right way’ to use the Andrea hair Growth oil for maximum effectiveness.

To make sure that Andrea hair growth works well for your hair and beard growth and darkening, you should mix it with a good organic shampoo before each application.

In terms of specific usage instructions, it is recommended that you mix about 5 drops of Andrea Hair Growth serum with an equal amount of organic shampoo, and then use your finger tips to massage the mixture across your scalp or beard for approximately 5 minutes until it permeates deep enough.

Thereafter, rinse it off with warm water. For faster results, you can repeat this procedure twice daily – morning and night. You should begin to notice improved hair growth and deeper hair colour within 2 weeks of consistent usage.

The Imitation Problem With Andrea Hair Growth: Fake vs Original

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. A fast-selling product is likely to attract imitation, and so it is unsurprising that because of how popular Andrea Hair Growth has become, it now has numerous fake versions of it in the market.

This makes buying the product from neighborhood stores and markets very problematic, since you may find it difficult to differentiate the original from the fake.

The solution to this problem is to buy Andrea Hair Growth Essence from the trusted and very reputable retailers, or even better, from accredited sellers online on Amazon (or Jumia, if you are in Nigeria). This takes away the risk of buying the fake product since you’re sure you’ll be getting the original from a trusted online vendor.

To Buy the Andrea Hair Growth Essence Solution on Jumia (If you’re in Nigeria), Click HERE.

Bottom line: To Buy or Not to Buy?

There is little doubt that Andrea Hair Growth Essence is a good product for those with hair loss, hair thinning, falling hair, receding hairline, and baldness problems. The ingredients are solid and are scientifically proven to help with hair growth. The price is great for a product with such a potent formulation.

We suggest that it is certainly worth trying to see how it works for you.

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