Witch Hazel & Butcher’s Broom: Best Natural Solution for Hemorrhoids Swelling

The distressing medical condition known as hemorrhoids is suffered by millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the immense benefits of natural remedies such as witch hazel and butcher’s broom natural solution for hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that can form internally (in one’s lower rectum) or externally (around one’s anus). While the condition is usually not life-threatening, it causes great discomfort and pain, and can make life very miserable for individuals experiencing it.

External hemorrhoids are particularly severe, as they cause the overlying skin to erode and become irritated. A blood clot formed inside an external hemorrhoid can trigger painful swelling.

Dealing with hemorrhoids swelling is perhaps the most important step towards eliminating the condition. Any treatment that tackles the swelling will reduce the discomfort, bleeding and pain associated with hemorrhoids. This explains why many people with this condition are desperate to find the best treatment for hemorrhoids swelling.

This article presents helpful information about two excellent natural remedies which – when used in combination – is the best natural solution for hemorrhoids swelling, which can help provide complete relief from piles.

Using Witch Hazels For Hemorrhoids Treatment

If you look beyond its fearful sounding name, witch hazel is one of the most powerful herbs in nature that is used to treat a variety of ailments.

The connection between witch hazels and hemorrhoids is quite powerful, especially because of its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties which are ultra effective as a shrinking agent for many kinds of swellings.

Witch hazel’s excellent astringent and inflammation fighting ability means that it can quickly constrict blood vessels around the hemorrhoids and reduce swelling, pain, itching and discomfort.

Witch hazel has been used as a natural solution for hemorrhoids for hundreds of years. Its potency as a hemorrhoids treatment solution was first recognized by Native Americans who used it to relief inflammation, swelling, and bleeding.

Butcher’s Broom as a Solution for Hemorrhoids

Butcher’s broom is a plant native to parts of Europe and the Mediterranean, and it is a member of the broader lily plant family.

Previously used in ancient times by butchers to clean their chopping blocks (hence it’s eye-catching name), butcher’s broom is renowned for its incredible anti-inflammatory compounds which specifically target swelling by constricting veins and tissues around the hemorrhoids.

The anti-inflammatory power of Butcher’s Broom is largely concentrated in its most active compound known as ruscogen, which soothes, tones, and shrinks the inflamed veins that cause hemorrhoids swelling and pain.

Why Witch Hazel and Butcher’s Broom Combination is the Best Natural Solution and Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Given the very potent compounds contained in witch hazel and butcher’s broom respectively, a combination of these herbs is usually sufficient to reduce hemorrhoids swelling and pain.

For witch hazel, it is usually prepared from the plant’s bark and  leaves and comes in the form of creams, liquid or ointment applied directly on the hemorrhoids (using cotton balls or medicated pads).

For best results, it is recommended to first take a sitz bath followed by application of witch hazel creams or ointments on the affected area thrice daily and after each bowel movement.

While witch hazel will certainly help reduce the swelling and soothe the pain associated with hemorrhoids, it may not be sufficient to completely heal the hemorrhoids – especially severe cases.

In addition to external application of witch hazel creams and ointments, you should also take butcher’s broom herbs available in supplement form (pills and capsules) to tackle the hemorrhoids swellings and pain internally.

In other words, while the butcher’s broom is working on the inside, the witch hazel will be working on the outside, thus expediting action on the hemorrhoids and increasing your chances of speedy recovery.

This combined internal and external action explain why using witch hazel and butcher’s broom together is arguably the best treatment for hemorrhoids swelling and the associated discomfort. It works better than other remedies.

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